Art history major broadens children’s artistic literacy as a summer camp assistant

Katarina Baltisberger ’20

Through her experience as a summer camp assistant at the Cincinnati Art Museum, Katarina Baltisberger ’20 learned “the best way to be a successful educator is to be a thorough planner as well as an equipped improviser.” Katarina spent her summer managing classes of 30 students, ages six through 12, and creating weekly lessons and activities, which included the students completing two projects every day using a variety of mediums. She also had the opportunity to lead gallery discussions for the museum’s collections and set up a weekly art show displaying the students’ work for their parents.  

When she started the internship, her goals were to gain more experience and insight into museum studies and to understand “the intersectionality of art history and elementary education” as an art history major. From her participation in the APEX Fellowship program, Katarina’s future interests became more focused on leading gallery discussions, planning presentations, and finding new forms of education outside of a classroom setting.

Posted in Experiential Learning on August 5, 2018.