AMRE | John Ramsay Accepts Lifetime Achievement Award

John Ramsay

Dr. John Ramsay, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics and AMRE Co-Director, is presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his unwavering commitment to creating and building the AMRE experiential learning program at The College of Wooster.

Dr. Ramsay started AMRE, an eight-week team consulting program, 27 years ago with six students and two clients in an effort to help answer the question, “What can I do with a degree in Mathematics?” Since then, the AMRE program has grown, engaging about 35 students a summer, and serving 10-12 clients. Dr. Ramsay has gained national recognition for the program, receiving the National Society for Experiential Education’s Outstanding Leader in Experiential Education award in 2015.

After serving on the Experiential Learning task force, Dr. Ramsay joined APEX in 2012, first as the initial Associate Dean for Experiential Learning, then as Executive Director until he returned to the classroom full-time in 2017. One of his many accomplishments while in APEX was expanding AMRE to serve clients requesting projects completed outside the disciplines of mathematics and computer science.

There is much, much more to say about John’s work in Experiential Learning, but we cannot close without mentioning the contributions to this work he has made with the fun and lively environment he creates. He is eminently approachable, and while he holds students, staff, and his faculty colleagues to high standards, he can talk to anyone, as evidenced by his success in drawing and retaining AMRE clients, and soliciting funding for APEX from donors.

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