Wooster condemns violence at the US Capitol

President Sarah Bolton

President Bolton issued the following statement to the Wooster community in response to the violent take-over of the US Capitol Building:
Dear Wooster Community,
This afternoon we witnessed the violent take-over of the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. by a group who sought to interrupt the process of presidential election at the center of our democracy. This act is illegal, appalling and deeply alarming. It impacts each person differently, and is particularly frightening for those who are most vulnerable and who have personally experienced acts of hate, racism, violence and discrimination.

All of us are searching for the right thing to do at this time to restore and care for one another and to uphold the values and communities we hold dear. There are many ways in which we will need to respond to this moment – here at Wooster and across the country – so that our communities become better, safer, and more equitable in the exercise of democracy.
As a first step, we must ensure the safety of our campus community. I have reached out to our local authorities to check on the situation in our region. They have assured us that there is no current sign of violent or threatening activity locally, but they will inform us immediately if anything arises.

Today’s violent acts and efforts to interrupt the democratic process are deeply harmful. But they will not shake Wooster’s commitment to advance learning, justice, equity and inclusion. These values are foundational to democracy. Today, they are more important than ever, and we will always stand up for them, and for our community, together.

In this moment, the care of members of the Wooster community – whether you are here on campus or many miles away – is our greatest strength. I encourage you to reach out and connect with one another. We will provide opportunities for individual support as well, and will share those, as well as any local updates, as soon as we have them.

I look forward to the ways we will work together to create stronger and more just societies, here at Wooster and far beyond it. My thanks to all of you who are already moving that work forward with such dedication and excellence.

Sarah Bolton

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