Women, gender, and sexuality studies alumna manages grassroot political campaigns

Gina Christo '14

Before attending The College of Wooster, Gina Christo ’14 planned on becoming a political science major, but she soon “fell in love with the research design and pedagogy within the women’s, gender, and sexualities studies department.” After this realization, she declared her major in women’s, gender, and sexuality studies with a political science minor.

Two of Christo’s professors, Christa Craven, professor of women’s, gender, and sexuality studies, and Mark Weaver, former political science professor, “created syllabi and fostered classroom conversations that helped me become the leader I am today.” Through her courses, she learned intersectionality, political theory, policy, and how to have in-depth conversations on political and social issues.

“The liberal arts education at Wooster afforded me the ability to look at problems holistically and approach every project with a commitment to intersectionality,” Christo said.

These skills aided her as she began her political consulting career soon after graduation. Since graduating in 2014, Christo has spent her time working for women and people of color in electoral and movement organizing spaces. Soon after graduation, she worked as the campaign manager for the Democratic state representative race in Ohio House District 36.

In 2018, Christo was hired as the finance director for Ayanna Pressley’s congressional campaign and began her work in grassroots-level fundraising. The team raised $1.3 million solely from grassroots donor stewardship, fundraising events, and digital outreach.

After this role, Christo joined Boston-based consulting firm, Rivera Consulting, as the Senior Strategic Engagement Consultant.

“I lead all of our electoral work, advise and coach reproductive justice organizations in their voter programs, and run our company’s communications,” she said. “I am lucky to be able to work at the intersection of all my passions every day.”

Alongside her classes, Christo has found that her Independent Study project at Wooster still helps her in her work today. For her I.S. project, she examined how young professional lesbian and heterosexual women perceive the challenges of motherhood differently. Through the I.S. process, Christo persevered by “making a plan and sticking with it” and asking for help from her advisors, friends, and other resources on campus.

“I entered Wooster very insecure about my ability to complete a thesis,” said Christo, “but because of the support I received from my advisors and my friends, I completed a project I am deeply proud of and still talk about.”

Outside of the classroom, there were several opportunities for Christo to grow as a leader and organizer at Wooster. Near the end of her junior year, Christo founded a sexual assault awareness organization on campus called “k(NO)w.” The group hosted a rally on campus and brought in speakers to discuss masculinity. Now after several years in a political campaign organizing career, Christo reflects on her first time coordinating an event, saying, “it was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences during my time at Wooster, and definitely prepared me for the work I am doing today.”

Posted in Alumni on October 7, 2021.

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