Political Science at The College of Wooster

Along with broad training in political science, students focus on one of the four subfield areas of concentration: U.S. national politics, political theory, international relations, or comparative politics. Majors also have numerous opportunities for off-campus study, including internships appropriate to their interests and qualifications. Programs take Wooster students to Washington, D.C., or to other urban centers around the U.S., and abroad to Latin America, Africa, Asia, or Europe. All students at The College of Wooster complete an independent study project under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

Political science majors at Wooster choose from one of four concentrations:

  • U.S. politics examines the interactions among political parties, interest groups, social movements, and government institutions in the United States .
  • Comparative politics provides students with a broader view of their own society by putting their experience into the context of how other societies have attempted to solve problems of governance, justice, economic development and political stability.
  • International relations is concerned with patterns of conflict and cooperation among nations, countries, international organizations, and non-governmental actors such as human rights organizations, terrorist groups, and multinational corporations.
  • Political theory questions the philosophical foundation of our understanding of the political world and its implications for justice and the common good.

What are the typical jobs or career paths for political science majors from The College of Wooster?

Wooster political science graduates choose a wide variety of careers. Some enter the business sector or government service; many others choose law school or other graduate programs. Political Science alumni from Wooster can be found at the World Bank, the U.S. Department of Justice, and working in politics and for government and nonprofit organizations. Because political science majors at Wooster have four concentrations to choose from and access to internships and off-campus study, they are well-prepared for the next phase of their lives after graduation.


Faculty & Staff

Angie Bos

Angela Bos

Professor of Political Science


Alvaro Corral

Álvaro Corral

Assistant Professor of Political Science


Erum Haider

Erum Haider

Assistant Professor of Political Science; Environmental Studies


Kent Kille

Kent Kille

Professor of Political Science; Global and International Studies


Matthew Krain

Matthew Krain

Professor of Political Science and Global & International Studies


Jeff Lantis

Jeffrey Lantis

Professor of Political Science


Michele Leiby

Michele Leiby

Associate Professor and Department Chair of Political Science; Latin American Studies


Avram Munoz

Avram Muñoz

Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science


Angela Sponsler

Angela Sponsler

Administrative Coordinator of Political Science, Global and International Studies, History, Latin American Studies


Bas van Doorn

Bas van Doorn

Associate Professor of Political Science


Désirée Weber

Désirée Weber

Assistant Professor of Political Science; Pre-Law Program


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Political science majors must complete nine courses and two semesters of independent study to fulfill requirements for the major. All students take two required introductory courses and then choose from one of four concentrations (U.S. politics, comparative politics, international relations or political theory) and take at least three courses related to that concentration. Students also must take one course from each of the other concentrations. Students also take a least one course in research methods, which is critical for preparation for independent study in their senior year.

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Six political science courses are required to fulfill the requirements for a minor. An introductory course in one of the four political science concentrations (U.S. politics, comparative politics, international relations, or political theory) is required. Students must then choose five courses from at least two of those concentrations to complete the remainder of their minor requirements.

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Independent Study

All students at The College of Wooster complete an independent study under the guidance of a faculty mentor, culminating in a thesis delivered in the spring of their senior year.

As a prerequisite to Senior Independent Study for political science majors, students concentrating in Government and Politics in the United States, International Relations or Comparative Politics will successfully complete Research Methods and Design (PSCI 40101). Students with a concentration in Political Theory will successfully complete a tutorial on Research in Political Theory (PSCI 40102).


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Wooster political science graduates choose a wide variety of careers. Some enter the business sector or secondary education. Many others choose law school or other graduate programs.

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Faculty Emeriti

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Gordon Lichty Shull

Professor Emeritus, Political Science

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Eric Moskowitz

Professor Emeritus, Political Science

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Mark Weaver

Professor Emeritus, Political Science