Banking internship uncovers new expectations for business economics major

Emmanuel Aboagye-Wiafe '24

Through the APEX Fellowship, Emmanuel Aboagye-Wiafe ’24 spent his break in Accra, Ghana interning at Ecobank Ghana. A business economics major at The College of Wooster, Aboagye-Wiafe experienced the field of finance first-hand through the Ghanaian transactional retail banking company. His role consisted of supporting the credit analyst team with document appraisals and handling first-level customer complaints. Through educational insights in the workspace, his expectations for his career have become much more detailed than before. 

“What interested me most was learning new concepts in banking that I haven’t come across through academic engagement.” 

—Emmanuel Aboagye-Wiafe ’24 

How did you learn about the internship opportunity for your APEX Fellowship? 

“I learned about this opportunity from an alum from my high school who works at the organization. The position was a good fit because it was in the field of finance, which I am interested in, and it represented an opportunity to gain experience in a banking environment.” 

What interests you most about the work you did?  

“What interested me most was learning new concepts in banking that I have not come across through academic engagement. Some activities I performed each day were to support the disbursement of funds to clients from various corporate departments, to assist the corporate client care officers to ensure that transactions were verified before being processed, and to provide support during the credit facilities process by coordinating activities between various departments.” 

Emmanuel Aboagye-Wiafe '24Who was your fellowship mentor and how did they help you to succeed in this position? 

“My fellowship mentor was Angela L. Bos, professor of political science. She was understanding and flexible with her time, even with the factor of time difference. Overall, she was a great fellowship mentor due to her thoughtfulness, receptiveness, and kindness.” 

What are some skills you’ve learned that you see yourself carrying forward in your career? 

“Time management, financial spreading, interpersonal skills, communication, networking, analytical skills, and attention to detail.” 

Has this internship experience changed your expected career plans or altered the way you look at your field of study?  

“This experience did not change my career plans, but it gave me more information on what to expect in this field. It gave me insight into the long working hours required in this field as well as a peek into how fast-paced the environment is.” 


Posted in Experiential Learning on August 15, 2022.