What can you do with a business economics degree from a liberal arts college?

The College of Wooster provides a rigorous business program within the context of the liberal arts. Companies seek graduates that develop broad analytical and writing skills that can be applied across a range of contexts. Since our program trains students to use data to generate business insights in diverse settings, business economics majors have found immediate success in the private sector. Students who are focused on a career in finance are mentored to select electives and internships to prepare for the Series 7 “General Securities Representative” exam. Where have Wooster Business Economics majors landed their first jobs? Merrill Lynch, Ernst & Young, Citigroup, Key Bank, Capital One, Quicken Loans, Bank of America, GE Capital, Brattle Group, NBC Golf Channel, Square Trade, Chime, not to mention a large number of multinational companies like Royal Dutch Shell and Microsoft, as well as regulatory agencies such as the U.S. Commodity Futures Training Commission and the Federal Reserve Bank. About half the graduates of the business economics program at Wooster eventually earn advanced degrees in business, law, accounting, actuarial science, and other fields. Alumni of this program are CEOs, CFOs, and group vice presidents at some of the world’s largest companies.

Business Economics at The College of Wooster

The Business Economics major uses quantitative methods and economic theory to analyze business enterprises, their decisions, and the factors that contribute to the diversity of organizational structures around the globe. Our offerings develop a sophisticated understanding of business operation and an appreciation for the social and economic complexities of the world in which firms operate. The Business Economics major is provided within the Economics department. Unlike a traditional business program, Business Economics majors gain a rigorous understanding of economic theory and quantitative methods that can be applied to contemporary problems in finance, management, and all aspects of a business including human resources, marketing, innovation, corporate responsibility, and strategy. This training is why the Board of Trustees entrusted $2 Million of Wooster’s Endowment to the student-run Jenny Investment Club (JIC). While the club is open to all majors, many business economics students have used the skills they learned in class to become (student) Trustees. They participate actively in one of the oldest student-run investment clubs. The current value of the JIC’s portfolio exceeds $10 million. Mentored by a diverse PhD. faculty with different backgrounds, students are exposed to global and international business issues within and outside the department in courses or international internships. While accounting is required, students are also mentored to explore electives in marketing, ethics, finance, entrepreneurship, and strategy. Combining internships, project based learning, real investment experience, and courses, the major prepares students to enter the business world directly after graduation.

Outside the Classroom

Jenny Investment Club

The JIC, founded in 1955, is a student-managed investment portfolio currently valued around $10.1 million. The group meets weekly and works to generate funding for the College’s scholarship program. The program is for all students, including those new to investing.

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Applied Methods and Research Experience (AMRE)

The Applied Methods and Research Experience (AMRE) gives College of Wooster students the opportunity to apply classroom learning in the role of business and organizational consultants. For eight weeks of the summer, student teams and faculty advisors are paired with a (usually local) business, industry, or agency (client). Student participants are exposed to practical applications of their liberal arts education in a “real world” setting. This experience aids students in determining professional interests and developing professional skills. The faculty advisors have the opportunity to be involved with a very select group of students in a summer activity, while potentially contributing to research in applied fields. Clients have the opportunity to tangibly support education and, at a low cost, obtain solutions to problems that would most likely not be addressed internally.

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Faculty & Staff

Sookti Chaudhary portrait

Sookti Chaudhary

Assistant Professor of Economics & Business Economics; Environmental Studies; Global and International Studies


Brooke Krause

Brooke Krause

Associate Professor of Economics & Business Economics; Global & International Studies (On Leave Spring 2023)


Melanie Long

Melanie Long

Assistant Professor of Economics & Business Economics On Leave Fall 2022


Moses Luri

Moses Luri

Assistant Professor of Economics and Statistical and Data Sciences


Philip Mellizo

Philip Mellizo

Associate Professor and Department Chair of Economics; Business Economics


Amyaz A. Moledina

Amyaz Moledina

Professor of Economics & Business Economics; Co-Founder of Social Entrepreneurship Program (On Leave 2022-23)


Cathy Roche

Cathy Roche

Adjunct Instructor of Economics & Business Economics

Mary Spencer

Administrative Coordinator, Notary Public - Economics and Business Economics, Education, Psychology


Huiting Tian

Huiting Tian

Assistant Professor of Economics and Business Economics


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The Business Economics major provides a sophisticated understanding of finance, business operations, and an appreciation for the social and economic complexities of the world in which firms operate. The requirements for the major are formulated to acquaint the student with the structure and organization of the business firm, and to provide a framework of theoretical and quantitative analysis necessary for business decision-making.

The courses together build skills that employers in the business world seek such as writing, data analysis, public speaking, and team-based problem solving in multi-cultural settings. The core courses of Financial Accounting, Quantitative Methods and Econometrics expose students to the tools of applied business analytics. Core to the major is a familiarity with economic modeling in a business context. Economic modeling includes optimization and price theory as well as electives in game theory and cost/benefit analysis. The major also features a unique three course sequence in Finance. Additional electives courses in marketing, ethics, strategic management, and behavioral economics broaden a student’s exposure.

Students interested in broad policy training should consider an Economics major. Students interested in Entrepreneurship should consider the pathway and combine it with the appropriate training in Business Economics. If you are interested in International Business make an appointment with the Chair of Economics to construct an academic plan.

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Independent Study

All students at The College of Wooster complete independent study under the guidance of a faculty mentor. The research forms the basis of a thesis that is delivered in the spring semester of each student’s senior year.

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About half the graduates of the business economics program at Wooster go on to earn advanced degrees in business, law, accounting, actuarial science and other fields. Alumni of this program are CEOs, CFOs and group vice presidents at some of the world’s largest companies.

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Student Organizations

The Jenny Investment Club, founded in 1955, is a student-managed investment portfolio currently valued around $10.1 million. The group’s goal is to generate returns to generate funding for the College’s scholarship program. We meet weekly on Sundays and students with any level of experience with investing, including those new to investing, are welcome.

Learn more about the Jenny Investment Club student organization.



James R. Wilson Lecture Series

Endowed in 2001 by James R. and Linda R. Wilson, the James R. Wilson Lecture Series in Business Economics brings business and financial leaders to the Wooster campus to share their insights with students, faculty, and the broader community.

Past lecturers

    • 2019 – J. Clifford Hudson, chairman and CEO of Sonic Corporation<


    • 2018  – William Espey  chief marketing officer of Chipotle Mexican Grill


    • 2018  – Robbie Bach  former senior vice president of Microsoft.


    • 2017  – James Dicke II , Chairman and CEO of Crown Equipment Corporation.


    • 2016  – Milton Ezrati , former senior economist and market strategist Lord Abbett Funds.


    • 2016  – Walt W. Bettinger II, CEO at The Charles Schwab Corporation.


    • 2015  – H.J. Markley ’72  retired executive vice president of John Deere.


    2015  – Michelle Stacy, former President of Keurig, Inc.