Wooster Experiential Learning Showcase Thursday, Nov. 17

AMRE Presentation

Each year, The College of Wooster conducts its Experiential Learning Showcase in order to give the opportunity to students who served as APEX Fellows or on AMRE consulting teams to present their projects to the community in a virtual format. This year, it’s all happening digitally on www.wooster.edu.

On Thursday, November 17, students will be available to respond to questions and comments on their project pages from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

This year’s showcase features nearly 100 students in total with 53 students completing APEX Fellowships and 14 AMRE consulting teams that comprise 45 additional students, amongst which 37 are from Wooster and 8 from Ashesi University in Ghana.

The winners of the Experiential Learning awards will also be recognized during Thursday’s showcase.

The APEX and AMRE programs grant Wooster students the opportunity to make universal connections and explore their passions and talents by conducting research and completing consulting internships with the community outside the College.

APEX Fellowships (Advising, Planning, and Experiential Learning) provide structured and mentored support to students engaged in summer internships or vocational exploration programs of at least six weeks, or at least 225 hours.

AMRE (Applied Methods and Research Experience) gives Wooster students the opportunity to apply classroom learning in the role of business and organizational consultants. Students work in small teams in coordination with an external organization to complete pre-determined consulting projects.

Posted in News on November 9, 2022.