AMRE Team | The Fund for Our Economic Future

Fund For Our Economic Future

Max Shiffman ’23, Philosophy
Mekdes Shiferaw ’23, Global & International Studies and Economics

Advisors: Moses Luri, Brooke Krause

The team explored the effects of cash transfer programs on employment outcomes by researching the results of previous projects and the reviewing the goals of ongoing projects. The team also interviewed multiple organizations working on this or related issues in Wayne County.




Posted in Comments Enabled, Experiential Learning Showcase 2022 on November 16, 2022.

One response to “AMRE Team | The Fund for Our Economic Future”

  1. Brooke Krause says:

    Great job this summer, Max and Mekdes! It was really wonderful to get to work with both you and see how you each brought your own disciplinary perspectives and experiences to this work.

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