APEX Fellowship | Jack Donahue

Jack Donahue headshot

Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Pathway: Public Health
Class Year: 2024
Organization: Viola Startzman Clinic

As an intern at the Viola Startzman Clinic, I will be working to improve patient compliance through evidence-based research and refining a Health Coach program for the clinic.





Posted in Comments Enabled, Experiential Learning Showcase 2022 on November 16, 2022.

6 responses to “APEX Fellowship | Jack Donahue”

  1. Carly Eppler says:

    Well done, Jack! I’m glad you were able to have a big impact on the Wooster community and learn about equal access to healthcare this summer. I know you’re going to have a big impact on your patients in the future because of your drive for equity.

  2. Jenni Griffin says:

    Great job, Jack! Thanks for sharing your experiences, especially reflecting on your experiences with event planning, flexibility, and the importance of community health.

  3. Brooke Krause says:

    Amazing work this summer with the Viola Startzman Clinic, Jack! I know that they really appreciated your contribution. Thanks for supporting their work and our community in this way. Your outreach efforts and the kindness you showed to patients was particularly notable.

  4. Jack Donahue says:

    Thank you Carly! I really appreciated your help throughout my entire internship experience.

  5. Jack Donahue says:

    Thank you Dr. Griffin! My APEX fellowship was a great learning experience for me. I am incredibly grateful that APEX offered this internship this past summer!

  6. Jack Donahue says:

    Thanks Dr. Krause. I appreciated all of your assistance as my faculty mentor this summer. You helped me think more critically about the work I was doing which proved to be very helpful!