APEX Fellowship | Oriana Galvis Marin

Oriana Galvis-Marin headshot

Major: English
Class Year: 2023
Organization: Sílaba Editores

As an editorial intern at Sílaba Editores I will be reading, checking, and proofreading manuscripts, writing book reviews, also helping organize their inventory, and participating on book promotion events.






Posted in Comments Enabled, Experiential Learning Showcase 2022 on November 16, 2022.

2 responses to “APEX Fellowship | Oriana Galvis Marin”

  1. Paul Edmiston says:

    Hi Oriana,
    Great presentation. It was neat to see photos from the summer.
    -Paul Edmiston

  2. Cathy McConnell says:

    Your presentation gave a really good idea of the variability of your work! And it was so good to hear how you saw your Wooster experience connecting to the work at your organization.

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