Zimu Jia | 2024 I.S. Symposium

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Name: Zimu Jia
Title: Looking for Barriers for Asian College Students in Seeking Help from Psychological Counseling
Major: Psychology
Advisor: Claudia Thompson; Susan Clayton

This paper investigates the mental health disparities in service utilization among Asian international students and Asian Americans within the higher education context. Despite the increasing prevalence of mental health disorders and an expansion of services, Asian and Asian American populations continue to engage in these resources at significantly lower rates compared to their white and domestic counterparts. Utilizing quantitative analyses, this study examines the influence of cultural stigma, mental health literacy, and concerns of ‘losing face’ on help-seeking behaviors among Asian students, aged 18-25, in comparison to other demographic groups. The results reveal that while stigma and negative attitudes towards seeking professional help did not significantly differ between Asian and Caucasian students, a substantial gap in mental health literacy was evident. Additionally, the concern about ‘losing face’ was mildly present across all demographics, suggesting cultural shifts in perceptions of mental health. The study addresses the pressing need for culturally tailored mental health interventions and the enhancement of mental health literacy to bridge the utilization gap and advocates for a broader inclusion of cultural competence in mental health services provision. The conclusions drawn have implications for developing supportive frameworks within educational institutions and point to future research directions that include longitudinal and qualitative studies to further understand the dynamics of mental health service utilization among Asian students.

Posted in Symposium 2024 on April 19, 2024.

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