Aryan Tamrakar | 2024 I.S. Symposium

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Name: Aryan Tamrakar
Title: Exploring Swarm Behavior for Artistic Rendering: From Abstract Art to Targeted Image Rendition
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Economics
Advisors: Daniel Palmer; Heather Guarnera

Swarm Intelligence (SI) or Multi-agent systems is a collective behavior of decentral- ized and self-organized systems. I have developed a non-photorealistic renderer of target images using swarm behavior and was inspired by the human swarm experiment conducted by Dr.Daniel Palmer[21]. In my research, developed a simulation where agents leave trails of various widths and colors as the agents move around the screen. The first phase of the research dwells on creating abstract art using my own variation of the human swarm experiment. Finally, the second phase focuses on rendering a target image using both non-swarm and swarm behavior. The paper compares various variables that can impact the working of agents in the swarm and hence the rendered image. The swarm-based approach sees speed-ups, but also different kinds of renditions resulting from the agent interactions.

Posted in Symposium 2024 on April 24, 2024.