Maddie Peek | 2024 I.S. Symposium

Maddie Peek head shot

Name: Maddie Peek
Title: The Effects of College Athletics on Students with ADHD: A Comparison of Academic Success, Social Wellbeing, and Anxiety between Off-Season, In-Season, and Non-Athletes
Major: Psychology
Minor: Spanish
Advisors: Michael Casey; Claudia Thompson (second reader)

This paper analyzes non-athletes, in-season athletes, and off-season athletes in college with ADHD regarding their academic success, social-wellbeing, and anxiety/stress. Using an anonymous survey, these three factors were evaluated with three different questionnaires. The survey also assessed ADHD status via a symptomology screening assessment and by self- reporting ADHD diagnoses (or lack thereof). The study had three significant findings: in-season athletes with ADHD had the lowest levels of academic success; team sport athletes had higher academic success scores than athletes that play both an individual sport and a team sport; also, those with ADHD had higher academic success scores than those without ADHD. There were no statistically significant results regarding social wellbeing and anxiety/stress levels. In sum, the results suggest that student-athletes with ADHD perform worse academically when they are in- season. Additionally, students with ADHD and/or symptoms of ADHD perform better academically than those without ADHD nor symptoms of ADHD. Lastly, team sport athletes perform better academically than the athletes that play both an individual and team sport. Future research should be done to see how these results compare to student-athletes competing at the Division I level, how student-athletes with ADHD feel about seeking academic accommodations, and how academic performance changes over the years for student-athletes with ADHD.
Keywords: ADHD, collegiate student-athletes, anxiety, social-wellness, academic success

My IS has confirmed my love of psychology and has made be more than excited to be pursuing a career in clinical psychology. I know all I have learned from completing my IS and conversing with my knowledgeable peers and professors will stay with me as I continue my professional life in the world of psychology.

Posted in Symposium 2024 on April 24, 2024.