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Are Your Water Systems Safe? A Study on CYP1A Expression in Brown Bullhead and Channel Catfish in Response to Sediment Exposure From Killbuck Creek Wooster, Ohio

Name: Madison Elizabeth Carter Major: Biology Advisor: Rebecca Williams CYP1A gene expression responds to pollutants in the environment, specifically PAHs. CYP1A is a significant biomarker […]

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Assessing and Projecting Stream Patterns in Hydrogeomorphology in Low-Elevation Watersheds, Pitt County, North Carolina, USA

Name: Matthew Engfer Majors: Environmental Geoscience, Environment & Society Advisors: Vibhor Agarwal, Carlo Moreno Patterns of hydrology within streams provide vital information about the […]

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Unlocking The Power of Neurotrophins: While analyzing the effects of DNT1 on the overproduction of TAU within Drosophila Melanogaster

Name: Malik Moore Major: Neuroscience-Biology Advisor: Seth Kelly Neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, have become increasingly prevalent in aging societies, causing significant global […]

Langston Hood

Agency: The Art of Human Choice

Name: Langston Hood Majors: English, Philosophy Advisors: Allison Cardon, Elizabeth Schiltz This Independent Study thesis consists of six chapters. The first chapter, titled “Determinism”, […]

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The Evolution of Human-Computer Interaction and its Technological Advancement with a Focus on Applications with Electric Paint

Name: Sobika Thapa Major: Computer Science Minor: Statistical & Data Sciences Advisors: Heather Guarnera, Daniel Palmer “Playing sounds by touching on the canvas”. This […]

Victoria Silva

Third World: Bolivia, The United States, Democracy, and The Art of Putting it on Stage

Name: Victoria Silva Majors: Theatre, Political Science Minors: Latin American Studies, English What is the conflict of democracy? Is it reliable? Is it real? […]

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Ecology and genetic variation of Aedes japonicus, an invasive mosquito in the Wooster, OH area

Name: Tomoka Adams Majors: Biology, Spanish Advisors: Ferdinand Nanfack-Minkeu, Hernan Medina Mosquitoes are vectors for diseases that are often implicated in major outbreaks. The […]

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Can We Reverse Aging? Using Cognitive Training in Rodents to Enhance Overall Cognitive Performance

Name: Sarah Snider Major: Cognitive Neuroscience Minor: Economics Advisor: Amy Jo Stavnezer Cognitive plasticity is the ability for cognitive outcomes to be flexible and fluid. […]

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Battling the Bloodsuckers: Examining the Expression of OBP23 in the Yellow Fever Mosquito

Name: Nosherwan Mughal Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Advisor: Laura Sirot Aedes aegypti are notorious vectors that transmit deadly pathogens to humans. Odorant Binding Protein […]

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Analyzing the Effects of Different Factors on the Likelihood of Hybridization – A Review

Name: Natalie Nonno Majors: Biology, Elementary Education Advisor: Hilary Edgington Hybridization is reproduction between genetically different populations that often result in hybrid offspring. Different factors […]

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“Damn Daniel” to Genesis: An Analysis of Songs about Select Environmental Events

Name: Gabriele Gajdos Major: Environmental Studies Minor: Music Advisor: Setsuko Matsuzawa; Matt Mariola (second reader) Within this project, I presented a contemporary topic connecting […]

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An Investigation of Improving Blue Intensity Measurements from Tree Rings, Gulf of Alaska, USA

Name: Wenshuo Zhao Major: Environmental Geoscience Advisors: Greg Wiles, Vibhor Agarwal, Shelley Judge Blue intensity, or BI, has been proposed as a new parameter […]

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Traditional Ecological Knowledge and its role in building Socio-Ecological Resilience in the context of displaced communities

Name: Temuul Munkhtur Major: Environmental Studies Advisor: Carlo Moreno For my project, I decided to make Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) the focus of my study. […]

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Immobilization of Transferrin in Swellable Organically Modified Silica for Remediation of Heavy Metal Ions

Name: Shiropa Shahreen Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Minor: Statistical and Data Sciences Advisor: Paul Edmiston Bioadsorption of metal ions through proteins is selective […]

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“Forever On My Mind:” Blues Songwriting in the 1960s

Name: Shane Louis Major: History Minor: Education Advisor: Jordan Biro Walters My IS looks at Blues songwriting in the 1960s and argues that themes in […]

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Are the Arginine Kinase functions found in Myxococcus xanthus conserved in a sister species, Myxococcus macrosporus?

Name: Seula Kim Major: Biology Advisors: Dean Fraga, Laura Sirot Phosphagen kinases (PK) catalyze the reversible phosphorylation of the guanidino substrate to buffer energy in […]

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Liver Tumors in Beckwith Wiedemann Syndrome: Can Alpha-Fetoprotein Levels Distinguish Benign from Malignant Tumors?

Name: Sena Houessou-Adin Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Advisor: Dean Fraga; Stephanie Strand (second reader) Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome (BWS) is an overgrowth disorder typically brought to […]

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It’s Not Therapy: An Investigation of Speech-Language Pathologists’ Perceptions of Effective Accent Modification Services for Adult Speakers and College Students’ Perceptions of Accents Contingent Upon Their Exposure To Diverse Speakers

Name: Samantha Burke Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders Advisor: Joan E. Furey The purpose of this study was two-fold. First, I investigated speech-language pathologists’ […]

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Interrogation of a conserved overlap between cofactor and substrate binding domains to facilitate crosstalk-induced conformational changes in Class A Flavin Monooxygenases: A case study of 6-Hydroxynicotinate-3-Monooxygenase

Name: Sam L. Belsky Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Minors: Mathematics, Spanish Advisors: Mark Snider, Annastassia Gallo; Sara Martin (second reader) Stereo- and regioselective […]

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Resting Heart Rate, Sleep, and Stress: The Physiological Stress Response of NCAA Division III Female Student-Athletes

Name: Riley Thorr Major: Biology Minor: Physical Education Advisor: Nicholas Brandley; Laura Sirot (second reader) It is no question that college students experience high […]