Analyzing the Effects of Different Factors on the Likelihood of Hybridization – A Review

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Name: Natalie Nonno
Majors: Biology, Elementary Education
Advisor: Hilary Edgington

Hybridization is reproduction between genetically different populations that often result in hybrid offspring. Different factors can have an effect on the likelihood of hybridization to occur in a population. These factors could be dependent upon the species, where different variations within certain aspects of the species can cause varying levels of hybridization within the population. However, these factors could also be environmental, where different variations in the environment can cause this species to court differently and ultimately change the amount that hybridization will occur in this population. Through looking at many different papers that observe hybridization in many different populations, the effect of female mate choice seems to be a common recurrence and can have varying effects on the likelihood of hybridization. These environmental and species-specific factors can have an effect on female mate choice. If these factors cause the female to have a preference for either mates from her own species or mates from another species, it will directly decrease or increase the levels of hybridization that occur within those populations.

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