The College has updated its isolation protocols on the advice of the Wayne County Health Department, Cleveland Clinic health professionals, and other public health experts and in accordance with CDC recommendations.

Isolation Protocols

    • Upon receiving a positive test, students should contact Longbrake Student Wellness Center either through their individual health portal or call 330-263-2319.
    • Upon the onset of COVID-19 symptoms and/or testing positive, students must wear a high-quality, well-fitted mask and self-isolate in their assigned campus housing immediately until contacted by a College official.
    • Positive students should notify their close contacts. Follow these steps if you believe you were exposed to COVID-19.
    • All positive students will be instructed to isolate in place.
    • While isolating, students must stay in their assigned rooms unless they are using the restrooms/showers, getting food to-go and promptly returning, or taking a walk or going outside. Students exiting their room are required to always wear a KN95 mask (provided by the College) and are not allowed to eat with others or be in a room other than their own.
    • Positive students can travel to Lowry Dining Hall to get food to-go. Pickup a to-go container from the checkin counter, fill up your container and eat outside or in your room alone.
    • During this period of strict masking, students must ensure a high-quality, well-fitted mask is worn when leaving their room or interacting with others; this means no dining with others and no other mask-free activities.
    • In all isolation cases, it is the positive student’s responsibility to connect with their faculty on arrangements for completing coursework while they are out.
    • Per our practice, we will continue to alert faculty usually by the next business day if students in their class will be out.
    • Students who test positive and are in isolation will continue to be assigned a support person through the duration of their isolation period.
    • If a roommate of a positive student is immunocompromised and needs temporary accommodations, they should contact communityhealth@wooster.edu.
    • Students who test positive for COVID-19 must isolate, avoiding close contact with others for a period of five (5) full days. Students may resume normal activities as long as they have been fever-free for 24 hours without fever reducing medication and symptoms are improving, and they have been cleared by a nurse in Wellness. Students who resume normal activities on day 6 or later, must wear a KN95 or N95 mask for the balance of 11 full days around others, regardless of current mask requirement.
    • Students who are found in violation of the Isolation policy will be referred to the Campus Conduct Process.

Isolation Timeline

If you have been fever-free for 24 hours, without taking medication such as Tylenol or ibuprofen, and your other symptoms are improving, you may be able to end isolation after five full days in isolation: 

  • Day zero:Your positive test date or the onset of symptoms, begin isolation. Remain in isolation through Day 5.  
  • Day 6: If you have been fever-free for 24 hours without fever reducing medication and your other symptoms are improving and you have been cleared to return from the Wellness Center, you will be released to return to normal activities and must wear a KN95 or N95 mask for the balance of 11 full days, regardless of current campus mask requirement. You will receive an official release letter from the Dean of Students office at approximately 8 a.m.  

If you have not been cleared to return by the Wellness Center, you will remain in isolation and continue with daily wellness checks until it is determined that you are able to return to normal activities.  

  • Day 11:You may return to normal activities without any additional masking and resume eating in the Dining Halls.  

All Covid related questions can be directed to communityhealth@wooster.edu.