ScotShare Program

The College of Wooster launched ScotShare, a new electric carshare program that reflects the College’s commitment to sustainability. ScotShare is open to students, faculty, and staff, who can rent and use one of two available Chevy Bolt cars at a rate of $9 per hour, including electricity, insurance, and up to 25 miles of driving per hour. The ScotShare vehicles are available for both personal and business use. Electric vehicles like these, outfitted with Wooster pride, reduce emissions by 65 percent and are three to four times more affordable to use than gasoline-powered vehicles. They also reduce noise and have lower maintenance and upkeep costs with the money saved by not needing gasoline.

Note: Students under the age of 22 must have a clean record, two years of driving experience, and a U.S. license.

For faculty and staff interested in using the ScotShare vehicles for college business, we now have a new method for charging directly to a college account without needing a P-card. If you are interested in using the ScotShare vehicles for official college business for a budget that you manage (either yourself, another colleague, or a student), please contact Brian Webb for more information.

To learn more about ScotShare or to sign up, visit

A zero emissions white service van branded with The College of Wooster.Electric Vehicles on Campus

The College of Wooster has begun focusing on making this an electric vehicle friendly campus. Currently we have 3 free public charging stations; one just in front of the Rubbermaid building, and two adjacent to the ScotShare vehicles behind Lowry. We are working on developing an EV charging expansion plan to include more charging stations in the near future. In addition, we have begun to transition our college-owned fleet toward electric vehicles, and two of our service vans are already electric Ford E-Transit vans.

Transportation Around Town

For a small city, Wooster has a surprising number of convenient public transportation options available to college students. To find out more information, click on one of the links below.

  • Campus city route (Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons)
  • City of Wooster fixed route (Monday-Saturday, hourly route)
  • Boot, Scoot, ‘n Boogie Scooters (sign up on the Peel App)
  • College of Wooster airport shuttles
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