Hate Propaganda Stickers on Campus and Next Steps

Dear Wooster Community,

I am writing to share very concerning news.

SPS received a tip from a student earlier this week about hate propaganda posted on campus that he subsequently removed. Today we received another tip from a faculty member about multiple additional postings.

The postings, stickers which display messages like “Not Stolen, Conquered” are attributed to the Patriot Front, a designated hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Patriot Front focuses on a fascist agenda and uses theatrical rhetoric and activism that can be easily distributed as propaganda for its chapters across the country. This group has targeted dozens of campuses with white supremacist stickers across the country in recent months.

Such acts of hatred, intimidation, vandalism and trespassing are strictly prohibited on The College of Wooster campus and will not be tolerated.

We are working with local law enforcement to uncover as much information about this as possible, to find and hold accountable those responsible, and to ensure the safety of everyone on our campus, including through increased patrols.

These postings and the hateful and racist sentiments behind them are antithetical to our values as a community and are frightening and deeply disturbing for many.  Although many students are leaving campus today for fall break, support resources continue to be available for all members of our community, including through the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, the Dean of Students’ Office, the Provost’s Office, Human Resources and the Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Ivonne Garcia.

It is crucial that every person in our community is safe and feels welcome and supported as we respond to this hateful and racist act.  Dr. Garcia and others are working on possibilities for gathering in support and solidarity, and we will be in touch soon with more details.

We will update you soon with any new information we gather about these stickers and about the ways our campus is responding.

The safety, equity and inclusion of our campus is increased when our community comes together.  If you or someone you know becomes aware of a discriminatory or bias-related incident, please let us know right away so we can address it immediately.  You are encouraged to use one of more of the following reporting options: 

  • File a report online (where you may choose to identify yourself or not)
  • Contact Security and Protective Services: 2590 (from campus phone) or 330-263-2590
  • Call the Anonymous Tip Line: 2337 (from campus phone) or 330-263-2337
  • Contact the Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer: 2167 (from campus phone) or 330-263-2167.

Thank you to all who are coming together to support one another and to reaffirm our mission, our community, and the diversity of people from across the country and around the world who are Wooster.


Sarah Bolton, President

Posted in Announcements on October 4, 2019.