Sorry, I Think You’re Muted: A Typological Content Analysis on Tele-Education

Katie Lindelof

Student Name: Katie Lindelof
Major: Communication Studies
Minor: Education
Advisors: Dr. Razzante & Dr. Atay
The purpose of this study was to investigate current tele-education systems in elementary schools and provide them with a method to improve existing systems, keeping children paying attention and learning material the same as in traditional classroom settings. This rapid transition to tele-education left many educators with numerous questions and few resources on how to effectively transition over to tele-education. Thus, I completed a typological content analysis based on numerous YouTube videos on tele-education, pulling out five recurring themes of what educators should include in virtual learning: a) organization, b) routine, c) social skills, d) engagement, and e) support. In addition to these themes, I include a podcast for educators synthesizing my findings. My study adds to the limited scholarship on tele-education of elementary aged students.

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Katie will be online to field comments on April 16: Noon-2 pm EDT (PST 9am-11am, Africa/Europe: early evening)

Posted in I.S. Symposium 2021, Independent Study on April 2, 2021.