The Effect of Varying Paneling Characteristics on Soccer Ball Flight

Name: Daniel Halbing Major: Physics, Philosophy Advisors: Dr. Susan Lehman, Dr. Niklas Manz The predictability of flight of the Adidas Conext15, Adidas Jabulani, Adidas […]

Ariel Xie

Exoplanet Sunsets

Name: Ariel Xie Majors: Physics, Mathematics Minor: Computer Science Advisors: Dr. Lindner, Dr. Kelvey How does sunset look like on exoplanets? For some eccentric […]

Dragon Nest: Immersive Experience Design

Name: Mika Yonaha Self-designed Major: Digital Design of Entertainment Environments Advisors: Dr. Bridget Murphy Milligan, Dr. Nathan Sommer I have designed an interior space […]

Black Outside: A Film Exploring Black People’s Relationships With Outdoor Spaces

Name: Zoie Bills Majors: Communication Studies, Psychology Advisors: Dr. Denise Bostdorff, Dr. Melissa Weller Most Socially & Emotionally Connected Award Spending time in nature […]

Dante King

Two Sides of the Same Coin: Vergil and Ovid’s Clashing Portrayals of Individual and Group Identity

Name: Dante King Major: Classical Languages Advisors: Dr. Josephine Shaya, Dr. Monica Florence (second reader) This independent study examines Vergil’s Aeneid and Ovid’s Heroides and […]

Free-Fall Spinning-Planet Tunnel Transportation Network

Name: Yuchen Gan Major: Physics Advisors: Dr. John Lindner, Dr. Niklas Manz Transportation is a very general and important thing. We have airplanes and […]

Sienna Carr portrait

Investigation of the Metabolic Role of Triose Phosphate Isomerase (TPI) in the Physiological Function of Myxococcus xanthus

Name: Sienna Carr Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Minor: Environmental Studies Advisors: Dr. Dean Fraga, Dr. Erszébet Regan (second reader) Myxococcus xanthusis a well […]

Hayden Lane-Davies

Catastrophic Imaginings: Human-Driven Catastrophe, the Anthropocene, The Skin of Our Teeth, and Lungs

Name: Hayden Lane-Davies Major: Theatre and Dance, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Advisors: Dr. Jimmy Noriega, Dr. Natasha Bissonauth (Second Reader) This Independent Study […]

Andreas Xenofontos

Match-Fixing in Cyprus: Examining the Impact on Fans’ Soccer Attendance

Name: Andreas Xenofontos Major: Economics Minor: Theatre and Dance Advisor: Dr. Brooke Krause Soccer is by far the most famous sport in Cyprus. Fans […]

Internet Accessibility and Usage in Relation to Political Participation and Knowledge

Name: Nia Johnson Major: Political Science Advisor: Dr. Avi Muñoz This Independent Study investigates the effect of internet access and usage on political participation […]

James Shanahan

The Apprentice and One Binary to Rule Them All: Gender in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Name: James Shanahan Major: English Minor: Film Advisor: Dr. Bryan Alkemeyer For my Independent Study I wrote the first draft of a novel I […]

Maxwell Engel

Keep it Simple Stupid: An Examination of American Conservative Populism in the Complex Neoliberal World Order

Name: Maxwell Engel Major: Political Science (International Relations) Minor: History Advisor: Dr. Jeff Lantis This study is an examination of conservative populism in the […]

Ashley Boersma

Working Memory Differences in Bilinguals’ First and Second Languages

Name: Ashley Boersma Major: Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience Minor: Spanish Advisors: Dr. Ashley Abraham and Dr. Evan Wilhelms I became interested in bilingualism after attending […]

Virginia Roberts

Resource-driven control of cavity-nesting wasp densities

Name: Virginia E. Roberts Major: Biology Minor: Environmental Studies Advisors: Dr. Carlo Moreno, Dr. Jennifer Ison (second reader) Cavity nesting wasps are contributors to […]

Kath Scott

Eat Your Heart Out: Cannibalism, Incorporation, and Transgression in Contemporary and Traditional Fairy Tales

Name: Kath Scott Major: English Advisor: Susanna Sacks When cannibalism is presented in media, it is often mistaken for gratuitous violence, but cannibalism was […]

Lilly Woerner

Seeing Red: Investigation of the color’s use in early baroque art and stability based upon pigment preparation

Name: Lilly Woerner Majors: Chemistry and Art History Advisors: Dr. Sarah Sobeck and Dr. Tracy Cosgriff When the cochineal insect was first introduced to […]

“Thanks for the Memories, Even Though They Weren’t So Great”: The Relationship Between Chronic Stress and Working Memory in College Students

Name: Carina Arnosti Major: Psychology Minor: Anthropology Advisor: Dr. Nathan Foster Second Reader: Dr. Grit Herzmann This study examined the association between chronic stress […]

Beau Greenwood

Brand Identity and Brand Alignment in Corporate Political Advertising: A rhetorical analysis of Penzey’s Spices Facebook Ads Opposing Donald Trump

Name: Beau Greenwood Major: Communication Studies Minor: History Advisors: Denise Bostdorff, Ph.D., and Michelle Johnson, Ph.D. The purpose of this study is to determine […]

The Art of Reconciliation: The Influence of the Black Community on the Detroit Institute of Arts

Name: Jillian Madeleine Kouayara Major: Art History Advisor: Dr. Kara Morrow and Dr. John Siewart (second reader) Museums were created with a Eurocentric narrative […]

Nicole Powell

The Application of Machine Learning in Analyzing Organic Compounds from NMR Spectral Data

Name: Nicole Powell Major: Computer Science Minor: Math and Chemistry Advisors: Dr. Sofia Visa and Dr. Heather Guarnera Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is used […]