Dragon Nest: Immersive Experience Design

Name: Mika Yonaha
Self-designed Major: Digital Design of Entertainment Environments
Advisors: Dr. Bridget Murphy Milligan, Dr. Nathan Sommer
I have designed an interior space with a live-action role-playing game which simulates a fantasy world and engages the audience in a story.This entire experience consists of multiple elements I designed including the game structure, narrative, interior design of a dragon nest, and life-size dragon in the nest. The game begins by giving the participants the setting and the storyline, and they receive missions to complete. The participants explore campus for clues to complete these missions, collaborating with their team members. When the participants collect all the clues they arrive at the final location, the dragon nest I have set up at the MacKenzie Gallery, to face the climax of the story. The ultimate goal of my project is to force the audience to immerse themselves into the story and the world. Along their journey, my hope is that participants understand that the world can be totally different from what one believes depending on one’s perspective.
The three images in this Symposium page are key visuals of each mission: a story of villagers, magical creatures, and a wizard. To join the experience and know the whole story, please come to theMacKenzie Gallery through April 19th–22nd.To sign up for the experience, please click here.
[foogallery id=”8036″]
Mika will be online to field comments on April 16:
2-4pm EDT (PST: 11am-1pm, Africa/Europe: evening)

Posted in I.S. Symposium 2021, Independent Study.

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