Environmental Studies at The College of Wooster

The Environmental Studies Program at Wooster engages students with environmental issues both inside and outside the classroom, at both local and global levels. Resources available to students include a campus garden, visiting speakers, connections to local researchers and facilities at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, and opportunities to get involved in faculty research, campus sustainability initiatives, and internships both on and off campus. Recent students have worked with urban gardening initiatives in Cleveland, environmental education centers, environmental writing, and a variety of off-campus study options that expose them to environmental concerns and initiatives in other parts of the world.

Students majoring in Environmental Studies choose from four different pathways to give their interdisciplinary major a coherence and focus. Those pathways are:

  • Environmental Humanities
  • Environment and Society
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Sustainable Food Systems

Although pathways are focused around a central theme, students get the full breadth of an interdisciplinary program, by taking Environmental Studies courses and and cross-listed courses across all the academic divisions.

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Faculty & Staff

Iemanja Brown

Iemanja Brown

Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies


Susan Clayton

Susan Clayton

Whitmore-Williams Professor of Psychology


Erum Haider

Erum Haider

Assistant Professor of Political Science; Environmental Studies


Jennifer Ison

Jennifer Ison

Associate Professor of Biology


Beth Lingenfelter

Beth Lingenfelter

Administrative Coordinator - Biology, Environmental Studies, Neuroscience


Matt Mariola

Matthew Mariola

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies


Carlo Moreno

Carlo Moreno

Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies


Greg Wiles

Gregory Wiles

Schoolroy Chair of Natural Resources; Professor of Earth Sciences; Archaeology


Latest Environmental Studies News

Sirot works with students in her lab at Wooster during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Professor Sirot featured in publication honoring research scientists who are caregivers during pandemic

Laura Sirot, professor of biology at The College of Wooster, published research on the reproductive biology of the Mexican Fruit Fly with a group […]

Ison and Pardi study the pollinator garden on Pine Street.

Interdisciplinary collaboration across campus attains Bee Campus USA affiliation for Wooster

Thanks to the interdisciplinary collaboration and work of students, faculty, and staff in The College of Wooster’s biology, environmental studies, and campus grounds departments, […]

Great Decisions of Wayne County lecture series returns to Wooster

WOOSTER, Ohio — The lecture series, The Great Decisions of Wayne County, is set to return to The College of Wooster campus in March […]

Truong Nguyen

APEX Fellowship | Truong Nguyen

Majors: Communication Studies, Environmental Studies Class Year: 2022 Pronouns: He/Him/His Faculty Mentor: Carly Eppler I worked as a Human Resource Intern at Techcombank in […]

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Environmental Studies majors become knowledgeable about core scientific concepts that are relevant to the environment; able to understand different ways of assessing the value of the natural environment; comfortable with different means of examining and communicating about the environment; and familiar with the ways in which social institutions contribute to environmental problems and potential solutions to those problems. They should also understand their own roles within the human-environment relationship.

To complete a major, students choose 13 courses that span environmental science, economics, communications, psychology, various humanities options, and other science courses. All students at The College of Wooster complete two semesters of independent study under the guidance of a faculty mentor and their research is used to build a thesis delivered in spring semester of their senior year.

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Environmental Studies minors are knowledgeable about core scientific concepts that allow them to understand ecological processes and change. They are able to understand different ways of assessing the value of the natural environment and be comfortable with different means of examining and communicating about the environment; and familiar with the ways in which social institutions contribute to environmental problems and may be utilized for solutions to those problems. They should also understand their own roles as actors within the human-environment relationship. The environmental studies minor complements a major in a traditional department so that students combine a detailed understanding of the knowledge and methods within a discipline with a focus on a particular topic.

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Independent Study

All students at The College of Wooster complete independent study on a topic of their choice under the guidance of a faculty mentor. The research becomes the basis of a thesis delivered in spring semester of each student’s senior year.


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Environmental Studies majors have access to internships and hand-on learning in college that leads to job offers and career paths after graduation.

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