Turning Conceptions of Family ‘Upside Down’: Non-Familial Families Provide Social Support and Communal Coping as a Form of Social Support in "Stranger Things"

Sophia Pellar

Student Name: Sophia Pellar
Major(s): Communication
Minor(s): English
Advisor: Dr. Rob Razzante, Dr. Melissa Weller (second reader)

Most Creative Slideshow Award

The major conclusion I found is that the group of kids in the show Stranger Things act as a family by choice and use communal copping and social support as a way to strengthen their relationships as a group. Aspects of communal coping and social support like shared time, support, sacrifice, and identity are the most used tools by the kids as a way to maintain these strong bonds.
Keywords: Stranger Things, communal coping, social support, time, support, sacrifice, identity, relationships, family

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Sophia will be online to field comments on April 16: 2-4 pm EDT (PST 11am-1pm, Africa/Europe: evening).

Posted in I.S. Symposium 2021, Independent Study on April 5, 2021.