AMRE Team | Goodyear iPhone/MacBook

AMRE Team, Goodyear iPhone, MacBook

Kaiya Magnuson ’24, Computer Science (French minor)
Kyle Rossi ’23, Computer Science
Moe Ko ’23, Computer Science
Samantha Mavunga (Ashesi University)

Advisors: Nathan Sommer, Tom Montelione

The AMRE team was tasked with developing an iOS application and a MacOS application using the Swift programming language. A key priority of this project was to create user-friendly designs for the apps.




Posted in Comments Enabled, Experiential Learning Showcase 2022 on November 16, 2022.

3 responses to “AMRE Team | Goodyear iPhone/MacBook”

  1. Pamela Pierce says:

    Wonderful job by this great group of CS superstars. Sounds like it was a wonderful experience!

  2. Kyle Rossi says:

    From all of us on the Goodyear iPhone/MacBook team, we thank you for the compliment! We all had a great experience and were very happy to have worked on this project.

  3. Jenni Griffin says:

    What a cool project. I hope you all felt you learned a great deal about teamwork and collaboration.

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