APEX Fellowship | Hayden Sherry

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Major: Communication Studies
Class Year: 2023
Organization: Collegiate League of the Palm Beaches

I will be the play-by-play live baseball commentator for the Collegiate League of the Palm Beaches. I will write articles, interview players and coaches, and announce for every team.





Posted in Comments Enabled, Experiential Learning Showcase 2022 on November 16, 2022.

3 responses to “APEX Fellowship | Hayden Sherry”

  1. Carly Eppler says:

    What a fun experience! I’m glad you were able to combine your passions, talents, and career interests into such a meaningful experience. How cool that you were able to connect with a Wooster alum, too!

  2. Jenni Griffin says:

    What a cool experience. This is a challenging job, and I loved hearing how you reflect on your developing communication/broadcasting skills.

  3. Emily Armour says:

    Nice presentation, Hayden. I like your enthusiasm and hearing about your favorite moment. Congrats.

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