APEX Fellowship | Teddi Farson

Theodora Farson headshot

Major:  Neuroscience
Class Year: 2023
Organization: Wooster Community Hospital

As a summer Health Coach at the Wooster Community Hospital, I will be providing hands on care and monitoring medication compliance to ensure a healthy lifestyle for each individual.







Posted in Comments Enabled, Experiential Learning Showcase 2022 on November 16, 2022.

2 responses to “APEX Fellowship | Teddi Farson”

  1. Cathy McConnell says:

    Teddi, you really captured the professional nature of your work this summer and how it has prepared you for your future as a PA!

  2. Ryan Ozar says:

    Teddi, you really communicate the value of your experience and how it prepares you as a healthcare worker. I love your “key moment” about your patient and sunflowers. So wonderful!