Wooster Chapter: Kappa Ohio

The College of Wooster's chapter, Kappa of Ohio, was founded in 1926. Our chapter is especially honored to announce that the former National President of Phi Beta Kappa, Niall W. Slater (Professor of Classics, Emory University) is a graduate of The College of Wooster, and was initiated by our chapter, Kappa of Ohio, in 1976.

Our Kappa of Wooster chapter is active in supporting the intellectual life of this campus in many ways. We regularly sponsor visiting scholars for public lectureships. Also, since 1976 the Chapter has established a Phi Beta Kappa Prize, awarded to the junior initiate who has demonstrated concern for the quality of life on campus, leadership ability, and a broad range of course work. This year (2007-2008) the prize was awarded to Mihika Chatterjee and Nicholas Weida.

Membership in this chapter links initiates to a national and global network of Phi Beta Kappa scholars. Every region of the country has active Phi Beta Kappa chapters and associations, and Kappa of Ohio members are free to participate in these events and meet speakers and experts from a wide variety of fields. All Phi Beta Kappa members also receive the Phi Beta Kappa Reporter, a newsletter featuring commentary on timely events and current scholarship from the finest minds in the nation.

Current Officers

  • President: Paul Bonvallet
  • Vice President: Marilyn Loveless
  • Secretary: Sarah Sobeck (nee Schmidtke)
  • Treasurer: Job Breitenbucher

Faculty & Staff Members of Phi Beta Kappa

  • Bryan C. Alkemeyer, English
  • Paul Bonvallet, Chemistry
  • Jennifer Bowen, Mathematics
  • Daniel Bourne, English
  • Jon Breitenbucher, Educational Technology
  • Laura J. Burch, French
  • Susan Clayton, Psychology
  • Heather Fitz Gibbon, Sociology/Anthropology
  • John Gabriele, Spanish
  • Mark Graham, Religious Studies
  • John Hopkins, Associate VP for College Relations
  • Charles Kammer, Religious Studies
  • Kent Kille, Political Science
  • Matthew Krain, Political Science
  • Marilyn Loveless, Biology
  • Sharon Lynn, Biology
  • David McConnell, Sociology/Anthropology
  • Eric Moskowitz, Political Science
  • Matthew Moynihan, Mathematics
  • Elizabeth Schiltz, Philosophy
  • Gregory Shaya, History
  • John Siewert, Art History
  • Sarah Sobeck, Chemistry
  • Claudia Thompson, Psychology
  • Mark Weaver, Political Science
  • Gloria Wilson, Assistant Controller
  • Mark Wilson, Geology

Emeritus Faculty Members of Phi Beta Kappa

  • Daniel Calhoun
  • Richard Figge
  • David Gedalecia
  • R. Stanton Hales
  • Charles Hampton
  • Henry Herring
  • Linda Hults
  • Beth Lewis
  • David Powell
  • Elena Sokol
  • Pablo Valencia
  • Andrew Weaver