The Effect of an Antioxidant Supplement on a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease

Student: Jennifer Grossmann Major: Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience Advisors: Dr. Amy Jo Stavnezer, Dr. Susan Clayton Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative disorder that causes […]

Write It Slant: Queerness and Form in The Argonauts and Time Is the Thing a Body Moves Through

Student: Eleanor Linafelt Majors: English, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Advisors: Natasha Bissonauth, Susanna Sacks This presentation is only available to College of Wooster […]

The Effect of Violence and Active Gameplay on Recognition of Advertisements in Video Games

Student: Charlie Quigley Major: Psychology Minor: History Advisors: Nathaniel Foster, Michael Casey The aim of my I.S. was to evaluate whether video game violence […]

How Minority Candidates’ Intersectional Identities Affect Their Use of Race and Gender Issue Ownership Campaign Strategies

Student: Emma Cotter Major: Political Science Minor: History Advisors: Dr. Angie Bos, Dr. Àlvaro Corral This thesis explores how a candidate’s intersectional identity affects […]

Efua Hayford

Explaining the Gender Gap in Agricultural Productivity: An Analysis of Farmers’ Land Tenure Security in Rural Ghana

Student: Efua Aferiba Hayford Major: Economics Advisors: Dr. Melanie Long, Dr. Amyaz Moledina This research considers lower productivity levels of female farmers and how […]

Mother Nature and Menvironmental Politics: How Gendered Frames Affect Support for the Clean Air Act

Student: Grace Montgomery Major: Political Science Advisor: Professor Angela Bos My I.S. examines whether and how gendered frames shape public support for the Clean […]

The Palm Oil Industry – Destructive or Sustainable? Defining Sustainable Palm Oil

Student: Henry Epling Major: Environmental Studies Advisors: Matt Mariola, Carlo Moreno Palm oil comes from the fruits of the African oil palm and is […]

Paleoenvironments Containing Coryphodon in the Fort Union and Willwood Formations Spanning the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

Student: Emily Randall Major: Geology Minor: Environmental Studies Wooster Advisor: Dr. Mark Wilson, Dr. Karen Alley Keck Advisors: Dr. Michael D’Emic, Dr. Simone Hoffmann, […]

Benjamin Ferling

Cashing In On Kaepernick:  A Visual Ideological Analysis of the Commodification of Racial Equity and Inclusion in Nike’s “Equality” and “Just Do It” Advertising Campaigns

Student: Benjamin Ferling Major: Communication Studies Minor: Political Science Advisors: Dr. Ahmet Atay, Dr. Melissa Weller There are few better ways to acquire the […]

Mia Palmerjar-Takaki

We’re All in This Together: The Relationship Between Ethnic Identity and Friends for Multi-ethnic Individuals in Emerging Adulthood

Student: Mia Palmejar-Takaki Majors: Psychology, Communication Studies Advisors: Dr. Amber Garcia, Dr. Michelle Johnson The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship […]

Abby Donohue

Thoughts and Prayers or Policy and Action?: The Role Interest Groups Play in State Firearm Legislation

Student: Abby Donohue Major: Political Science Minor: History Advisors: Dr. Bas van Doorn, Dr. Angela Bos This project investigates the variance in gun control […]

Remembering the City: An Augmented Reality Deconstruction of Memory, Power, and Identity in Ho Chi Minh City

Student: Thuy Dinh Major: Computer Science, History Advisors: Dr. Margaret Ng, Denise Byrnes CoRE Award for Critical Digital Engagement 1st Place (tie) Cartography and architecture […]

Witch’s Luck

Student: Claire Montgomery Major: English Advisors: Kate Beutner, Claire Eager Witch’s Luck is a young adult fantasy novella that explores intersectionality in feminist movements. […]

Timothy Perales

The Audio-Visual Processing of Horror

Student: Timothy Perales Major: Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience Advisors: John Neuhoff, Evan Wilhelms The effects of fearful visual stimuli type and linearity or nonlinearity of […]

Margaret McGuire

What a Mouthful! Modeling Geographic Tongue as a Reaction Diffusion System

Student: Margaret McGuire Major: Mathematics Advisors: Dr. R. Drew Pasteur, Dr. Robert Kelvey CoRE Award for Critical Digital Engagement 1st Place (tie) Geographic tongue […]

Scanning and Spending: Examining the Impact of Mobile Payment Penetration on the Saving Rate in Contemporary China

Student: Yuxuan (Katie) Ke Majors: Business Economics, East Asian Studies Advisors: Melanie Long, James Bonk China’s national saving rate has been among the highest […]

On The Long-Term Future Importance of Investments in Economic Growth and Global Catastrophic Risk Reduction

Student: Pedro Adami Oliboni Majors: Mathematics, Philosophy Minor: Economics Advisors: John Ramsay, Garrett Thomson Melissa Schultz I.S. Research Prize in Sustainability and the Environment 3rd Place […]

Kelsey Nolin website

Through the Looking Glass: a Self Portraiture Exploration of Selfhood and Identity

Student: Kelsey Nolin Major: Studio Art Advisors: Bridget Milligan, Walter Zurko, Tracy Cosgriff During the lifetime of every being, we are only guaranteed one […]

Desi LaPoole

Repairing a Nation: A visual exploration into the American debate on reparations for slavery

Student: Desi LaPoole Major: Journalism & Society (self design) Advisors: Denise Bostdorff, Angie Bos The debate on reparations for slavery in the United States […]

M Roski

Building Multilateral Military Coalitions: A Study of Bribery and Coercion in Controversial Military Interventions

Student: Marina Rae Roski Major: Political Science with an International Relations Focus Minor: Economics Advisors: Jeff Lantis, Sid Simpson This study focuses on the […]