African Students UnionOur organization seeks to create a community for African students, both international and domestic, and all other students connected and interested in Africa and the African diaspora along with its diverse cultures. The organization holds weekly meetings every Friday at 8 pm where the prevalent issues concerning Africa are discussed, as well as the various ways our identification with Africa is perceived in the spaces we navigate in Wooster and the world as a whole.

We are dedicated to continuously educating the greater Wooster community about our cultures by participating in the college’s Culture Show, celebrating African cuisine through the African Banquet, and organizing UBUNTU which is our annual African Culture Show. UBUNTU features a night of fashion, poetry, music, and dance which showcases the diversity and pride of the continent of Africa. We also have movie screenings, barbecues, game nights, and panel discussions which helps us grow as a whole. As a diverse family, we enjoy having meals together, laughing together and sharing good times, and more importantly learning and embracing our various cultures and identities.


President: Lesley Chinery

Vice President: Angela Danso GYANE

Secretary: Sinqobile Tagwireyi

Treasurer: Uju Onimoe

Alumni Coordinator: Kwesi Hayford

Co-Event Coordinator: Nana Abena Adu-Boahen

Co-event planner: Alegnta Mezmur

Housing Coordinator: Mazvita Chikomo

Co-Social Media and Public Relations: Craig D’nico

Co-Social Media and Public Relations Representative: Edwina Akonor

Advisor: Ibra Sene