New Students

 The Essentials

To make your transition to college life as smooth as possible, here are the essentials you need to prepare for your first year at Wooster.

If you are you a ... You are required to attend...
  Attend one ARCH session International Student Orientation New Student Orientation
US Student √ Choose June session   
International Student or Global Nomad √ Choose August session only
Transfer Student √ Choose August session only  
New Student Events at a Glance Date 2020
ARCH 1 Monday - Tuesday, June 22-23
ARCH 2 Thursday - Friday, June 25-26
ARCH 3 Sunday - Monday, June28-29
Wooster International Immersion Seminar July 23 - August 11
International & Global Nomad Orientation Wednesday - Thursday, August 12-13
Arrival for August ARCH Friday, August 14
August ARCH Friday-Saturday, August 14-15
New Student Move-In Weekend of August 15
New Student Orientation for ALL Students Sunday - Tuesday, August 16-18
First Day of Fall Semester Wednesday, August 19