Academic Registration and Creative Horizons

ARCH is mandatory for all incoming (new and transfer) students.

During ARCH, faculty, staff, and student mentors (called ARCHers) help you develop a thoughtful educational plan that combines your interests and goals.You'll learn about how courses, extra-curricular activities, and experiential learning help you develop the graduate qualities of a Wooster education. By the end of ARCH, you will have registered for your fall courses.

Before you attend ARCH, there are several tasks you need to complete.

Schedule for June remote ARCH participants

NOTE: Family sessions are open to all incoming families and students, whether your student is attending ARCH orientation in June or in August. Links to the student sessions will be emailed to students' Wooster email accounts. To register for a family session, please click the link in the "Date" column. All times listed are Eastern Standard Time. The events in bold are required for students.

Date Event or Activity Who should participate? Platform
June 1 Welcome Students & Families Email
June 1
Joint Admissions &
ARCH Celebration
Students Zoom &
Ongoing ARCH Newsletter Students Email
TBD Foreign Language &
Music Placement Exams
Students Instructions
will be emailed
June 10 - 7pm
June 12 - 3pm
June 14 - 6pm
Wooster's Academic Advising
Model & Core Curriculum:

Wooster's Academic Advising Model & Core Curriculum: Did you know that the College recently launched a new core curriculum to help students be prepared to navigate our world, regardless of their chosen field of inquiry or career? Come hear from academic deans and other academic leaders about academic advising and the core curriculum. Questions that will be covered include: "Who will be my student's advisor?" "What classes must my student take?" and "What if a student wants to change their major?" (and more!)
(students are also welcome)
June 10-16 Course Planning Meeting Students Zoom
June 17 - 7pm
June 19 - 3pm
Academic Partners (Part 1):

Have you hear of "APEX" at Wooster? Come hear from Directors of various offices within APEX. Come learn about finding internships, exploring one's career, and other outstanding opportunities to think entrepreneurially and globally.
(students are also welcome)
June 17 - 19 Follow-up Consultations (as needed) Students Varies
June 21 - 6pm
June 24 - 7pm
Academic Partners (Part 2):

This session will include professionals from various spaces on campus who partner with students in a variety of ways, including our Libraries (ranked in the top 20 in the nation!), our academic support specialists in our Learning Center, writing-specific support professionals in the Learning Center, and field-specific supports such as our Stem Success Initiative.
(students are also welcome)
June 22-29 Course Registration Students Microsoft Teams
June 26 - 6pm
June 28 - 3pm
July 1 - 7pm
Student Affairs:

Wondering how your student will live, thrive, learn, and grow when not studying or in class? This is the session for you! Come meet professionals who orchestrate lived experiences across camus, such as residence life, health & wellness, and other important co-curricular offices and student supports.
(students are also welcome)

Register for ARCH

Students, please register for ARCH through Scotweb. You'll need your Wooster login and password to complete this step.

Due to the current circumstances, the summer ARCH program in June will now occur remotely. Your one-on-one advising appointment and course registration will still occur during the two-day ARCH session for which you already registered. However, many other aspects of the programming, such as guided reflection and planning exercises as well as opportunities for family members to connect with each other and our campus community, will occur remotely throughout the month of June. We will send invitations for these special virtual events to you and your family in the coming weeks.

August ARCH will begin with check in from 3:00 - 4:15 pm on Friday, August 14.

Session Date 2020
ARCH 1 Monday - Tuesday, June 22-23
ARCH 2 Thursday - Friday, June 25-26
ARCH 3 Sunday - Monday, June 28-29
August ARCH Friday - Saturday, Aug. 14-15