Academic Registration and Creative Horizons

ARCH will be virtual in 2021. All incoming students (new first years and transfers) will participate in two mandatory sessions which take place over two days.

Day One: Course Planning Meeting (plan for about 2 hours)

Your student mentors (we call them ARCHers) and a staff mentor will help you begin to plan your fall semester. Through thoughtful conversations about your interests and educational goals, you’ll explore The College of Wooster’s areas of study and course offerings, building an inventory of possible courses for your first semester.

Day Two: Course Registration Meeting (plan for about 45 minutes)

Your ARCH Faculty Advisor and ARCHer will help you refine your ideas from the Course Planning Meeting, resulting in your first Wooster schedule!

ARCH Dates

New Student EventsDate 2021
ARCH 5Monday/Tuesday August 2 and 3
If you were unable to attend one of the June ARCH sessions,
please sign up via this link or contact ARCH prior to July 15th.
Sign up for ARCH here!

The form asks you some questions that help us get to know you and to be prepared to assist you with your educational planning. We recommend checking the box to receive an email of your responses.

Family Sessions

In June, we will be offered virtual sessions for family members covering a variety of topics. If you were unable to attend one of these sessions, you can access the video through the links below.

New Student Checklist

Before you attend ARCH, there areĀ several tasks you need to complete.