Welcome to Wooster! We can’t wait to have you on campus!

We know that transfer students bring unique experiences and we’re looking forward to helping you make a smooth transition to The College of Wooster.

Your Wooster Transition Team

April Gamble
Associate Director & Coordinator of Counselor Initiatives

April is your main contact as you make your decision about attending The College of Wooster.

Email April

Krista Martin
Assistant Director of Academic Advising

Once you’ve deposited, Krista is your main contact for questions about your transfer credit equivalencies, Fall semester course enrollment, and can refer you directly to other campus offices as needed.

Email Krista

There’s a lot to do before you begin your Wooster journey. Transfer students must complete all items on the New Student Checklist, and the additional items for transfer students below.

1. Request Final, Official Transcripts

Make sure to ask that your transcripts are held for current grades if you are enrolled elsewhere this fall. Transcripts should be sent to the Registrar’s Office (not the Admissions Office) if you’re given that option.

2. Collect Course Syllabi

Wooster will need course syllabi for your transfer courses in order to determine how they will meet Wooster’s major and general education requirements. Please do your best to get ahold of syllabi, or at least a full catalog description.

3. Complete Transfer Credit Form

You will need to complete this form for each course you are transferring to Wooster. Please contact Krista Martin (kmartin@wooster.edu) for help with this form – it can be overwhelming at first!

Transfer Credit Form