The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Club (BCMB) is a student organization for nerds, by nerds! We unite students who are curious, fascinated, and passionate about tiny science. We serve as a network between majors, nonmajors, and faculty in the BCMB Department. Often working in collaboration with other groups, we host speakers, field trips, and social events to broaden and use our knowledge of BCMB to have some fun! Our goals are to foster a thriving community of science lovers and spread excitement about BCMB through outreach activities and events. We are always looking for new ideas and opportunities for club activities; we encourage anyone interested in BCMB to stop by! (especially non-majors).

Some of our events include hosting a science-themed movie night, participating in the national agar art contest, putting on a STEM themed trivia night, participating in the K-12 STEM outreach day, and attending the Wooster community Science Café’s!

Be sure to check out our Instagram page @wooster.bcmbclub!

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