Students at the Wooster Climate StrikeFocused on coalition and relationship building as it relates to the climate crisis, the Environmental Justice Coalition finds joy in environmental education and action. As the environmental justice movement was created by and continues to be predominately led by BIPOC communities, we are rooted in the practice of racial justice as climate justice. We love to get our hands dirty and promote food sovereignty through our hydroponics project, advocate for a climate justice director. We also imagine and plan environmental futures! Some of our events in the past include: The 2019 Climate Strike,  our Art Build, Black Lives, and Decolonizing Climate Justice webinar, the Hollows trail clearing, and Hydroponics Gardening set-up. This fall, we are centering on food and agriculture justice, with plans to explore food sovereignty and migrant agriculture worker justice in Ohio and beyond. We will also be holding several social and collaborative events this semester!

We can’t wait to welcome you into our community!

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