Geology ClubGeology Club meets weekly and is a time to learn, discuss and ask questions about different topics relating to geology. Each semester, every senior geology major presents their Independent Study research to the other members of the Club, as well as to the faculty. When IS students are not presenting, the meeting time is filled with guest lecturers, geology trivia games, and advice for post-graduation life. All Club members are invited to enjoy a meal together after each meeting. Outside of the normal weekly meeting times, Geology Club participates in field trips and community outreach, including working with local preschool and elementary students. In addition to the lecturers brought in by the Geology Club, the Department of Earth Sciences invites a distinguished speaker for a public lecture on campus each year as a part of the #Osgood Lecture Series.

Officers 2020-2021

President: Claire Wineman

Vice President: Kendra Devereux

Outreach Chair: Juda Culp

Public Relations: Layali Banna

Treasurer: William Santella

Advisor: Megan Pollock

For more Information

Thursday at 11:00 a.m. in Scovel 205