Greenhouse is a student-run environmental organization that desires to bring a sustainable consciousness to the campus community. Established in 1994, Greenhouse is a campus leader, bringing innovative and bold initiatives that reduce resource consumption, produce substantial energy and cost savings, and change attitudes towards environmentalism. By activating the assets of community members and advocating for effective and feasible changes that can happen today, Greenhouse is a student organization that truly makes a difference.

Greenhouse functions as a whole but also does much of it’s work through 4 committees. These committees are: Food, Waste, Energy, and Outreach/Education.

Past successes have been: coordinating and directing for many years immensely popular EarthFest, raising the College of Wooster’s rating in the Campus Sustainability Report Card, starting the reusable mug and box program, replacing paper towels with microfiber towels in the Scot Center, and becoming a strong motivator for environmental initiatives on campus.

Current Projects and Campaigns: advocating for a campus-wide sustainability audit, expanding and clarifying recycling guidelines on campus, composting the coffee grounds from Old Main Café, organizing pop up Free Store supply swaps, holding monthly food audits, speaking at trustee meetings to advocate for a more sustainable campus, and showing the campus the value of a sustainable life.

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Greenhouse members standing next to the Blackgum dedicated to us by grounds in April of 2019.

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