Zeta Phi GammaThe purpose of Zeta Phi Gamma is to create a unified body of individuals that act as a cohesive and supportive community within the College of Wooster Greek Systems. As a group, we will empower, appreciate, and embrace the uniqueness and diversity of each member. The club, in itself, shall constitute a support system for the benefit of its members and strive to provide the women involved with not only a social club but also an opportunity to grow in confidence and leadership skills. We pride ourselves on being strong, independent, and empowered women who respect ourselves and others. As a community, we see Zeta as a beneficial enhancement to our lives on the College of Wooster campus. This group was created on the foundation of friendships that serve as role models, mentors, and family. In addition, the women of Zeta Phi Gamma shall proactively contribute to the College of Wooster as a whole and the community through leadership, community service, social functions, diversity and inclusion education, and involvement. The active members are heavily involved in other capacities or organizations on the campus and as actives, we hold ourselves accountable to supporting the belief systems or interests, academically and professionally, of our sisters.

You can follow us on Instagram for updates, event times/locations, and more information: @zetaphigamma.

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