Kirsten Larson '08 at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore

Physics alumna joins international team to launch Webb Telescope

Kirsten Larson ’08 knew that she wanted to study science and do research. When attending The College of Wooster, she chose to major in […]

Niklas Manz, associate professor of physics

Professor Manz publishes article as part preservation, part celebration

Niklas Manz, associate professor and department chair of physics at The College of Wooster, recently co-authored an article in Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of […]

John Lindner

Physics professor and alumni publish article about alien suns

John Lindner, emeritus professor of physics at The College of Wooster, and two Wooster alumni, Xinchen (Ariel) Xie ’21 and Hwan (Michelle) Bae ’19, […]

Melita Wiles head shot

Using Machine Learning and Regression Techniques to Rank Liberal Arts Colleges on Social Mobility and the Advancement of Underrepresented Groups

Name: Melita Wiles Majors: Physics and Mathematics Advisors: Dr. Christina Horr, Dr. Drew Pasteur (second reader) The purpose of higher education is to contribute to the […]

Melita Wiles head shot

Angular frequency of rotating spiral waves in a chemical reaction-diffusion system

Name: Melita Wiles Majors: Physics and Mathematics Advisors: Dr. Niklas Manz & Dr. Cody Leary Rotating spiral waves have been observed in various excitable physical, […]

Students participate in B-wiser Science Camp in 2019.

B-WISER Summer Science Camp runs June 12-17

The Buckeye Women in Science, Engineering, and Research (B-WISER), an educational partnership of The College of Wooster and the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation, will […]

Lehman works with Justine Walker ’18 and Avi Vajpeyi with the “bead pile” experiment in 2015.

Physics article collaboration between faculty and students addresses practical applications of bead pile experiment

Susan Lehman, Victor J. Andrew Professor of Physics at The College of Wooster, recently published an article in Granular Matter, a peer-reviewed journal in […]

Students pose for Community water project at The College of Wooster

AMRE | Community Water

Chamari Abercrombie ’24 | Neuroscience & Spanish Layali Banna ’22 | Geology Mazvita Chikomo ’22 | Environmental Geoscience Grace Hodges ’23 | Biology & […]

a collage of student headshots from the College of Wooster

AMRE | Goodyear OTR

Minh Duc Dao ’23 | Computer Science and Mathematics Lemfon Karl Ndze’dzenyuy | Computer Science Raisa Tasnim Raofa ’23 | Physics and Mathematics Khandokar […]

collage of head shots of College of Wooster students

AMRE | Schneider Electric

El Yazid Chalabi ’22 | Business Economics and Statistical & Data Sciences Demetris Papaloucas ’23 | Statistical & Data Sciences Marshal Ruzvidzo ’22 ’22 | […]

group migration workshop

Uniting Different Worlds Through Dance and Independent Study

Every August, students come to The College of Wooster from various locations – down the street, out of state, or even overseas – to […]


Students and faculty team up to help local community adapt to climate change

As Northeast Ohioans along with people around the world live through unprecedented levels of natural disasters due to climate change, students and faculty at […]

The Effect of Varying Paneling Characteristics on Soccer Ball Flight

Name: Daniel Halbing Major: Physics, Philosophy Advisors: Dr. Susan Lehman, Dr. Niklas Manz The predictability of flight of the Adidas Conext15, Adidas Jabulani, Adidas […]

Ariel Xie

Exoplanet Sunsets

Name: Ariel Xie Majors: Physics, Mathematics Minor: Computer Science Advisors: Dr. Lindner, Dr. Kelvey How does sunset look like on exoplanets? For some eccentric […]

Free-Fall Spinning-Planet Tunnel Transportation Network

Name: Yuchen Gan Major: Physics Advisors: Dr. John Lindner, Dr. Niklas Manz Transportation is a very general and important thing. We have airplanes and […]

Avalanches on a Conical Bead Pile

Name: Henry Whyte Major: Physics Minor: Mathematics Advisors: Dr. Susan Lehman, Dr. Niklas Manz Avalanches are one of the most destructive forces in nature, […]

Alien Sunsets on Tumbling Asteroids

Name: Yang “Fish” Yu Major: Physics Minor: Mathematics Advisors: Dr. John F. Lindner, Dr. Cody Leary We simulated Sol’s apparent motion as observed from […]

Investigation of Fire Propagation using Discrete Tree Simulations

Student Name: Handeul Son Major: Physics Minor: Mathematics Advisor: Niklas Manz & Cody Leary Click here to view Handeul’s presentation. (NOTE: A Wooster login […]

A Case of Heartburn: Replicating the Heart’s Electrical Signals with Fire

Student Name: Craig Klumpp Major: Physics Advisor: Niklas Manz, Susan Lehman Typically, when someone mentions fire, a person’s first thought is that of a […]

Megan Fisher

Creating an Event Horizon Analogue using the Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction

Student Name: Megan Fisher Major: Physics Minor: Mathematics Advisor: Dr. Niklas Manz, Dr. John Lindner (second reader) The purpose of this thesis was to […]