Senior Award Recognition & Reception

The Senior Award Recognition Ceremony is an opportunity for the College to celebrate the distinguished achievements of the members of the graduating class. Prizes are awarded to students for leadership, community engagement, andcontributions to the intellectual life of the College. This year’s awards program will be held on Saturday, May 14, at 4 p.m. in Freedlander Theatre and will be followed by a dessert reception in the theatre lobby. All members of the College community are cordially invited to attend.

Provost Carolyn Newton will preside over the program, and faculty representatives from the academic departments and programs will present the award recipients with their prizes. Family members are also welcome to attend the event. Because final exams and Independent Study grades frequently are considered indetermining the prize recipients, notification is sent directly to seniors who are receiving prizes by campus mail during exam week. It is not possible to send invitations to family members ahead of time; it is the students’ responsibility to notify family members if they are being recognized.

Excellence will be recognized in the form of both College awards and departmental and program prizes. Among the College awards are the Jonas O. Notestein Prize, which recognizes the senior with the highest grade point average who has completed his or her entire course of study at Wooster; The William A. Galpin Awards for General Excellence in College Work, presented to two men and two women on the basis of scholarship, social and religious leadership, and proficiency in vigorous physical pursuits; and The Dan F. Lockhart Outstanding Senior Award, given in memory of a member of the class of 1974 to a student who has made an exemplary contribution to the life of the College. Departmental and program prizes recognize individual student contributions to a specific field of academic study and reflect the breadth of interests among their donors.