Share your experience, insight, and guidance to benefit students and their global alumni network. Wooster alumni and parents have so much to offer – from internships to job opportunities to regional network leadership – join the family of Scots as we grow the size, scope, and influence of our alumni community.

Learn more about leadership, advocacy, and advising opportunities and get involved today!



Be a regional ambassador.

Enhance the overall power of your global alumni network in your area by serving as a Regional Ambassador. You know your area best – help with event planning, marketing and outreach to classmates.

Become a class officer.

Represent your classmates and act as a liaison between your class and the College.

Join affinity-based leadership groups.

Bring your voice to the Black Alumni Council, LGBTQ+ Alumni of Wooster, Military Alumni of Wooster, or Legal Alumni of Wooster.

Serve as a reunion ambassador.

Ambassadors from each reunion class collaborate with College Advancement staff in three areas: connecting, contributing, and celebrating, in support of your Alumni Weekend. The Ambassador role primarily involves outreach to classmates to encourage participation.  A full job description can be found here.

Become a giving volunteer.

Encourage fellow Alumni, Parents, and Friends to join you in supporting The Wooster Fund. Giving Volunteers promote the importance and impact of giving through social media networks, emails, and one-on-one conversations. They lead the charge during special events like #GivingWooDay. Your help is needed to celebrate the accomplishments and generosity of your fellow Scots in growing Wooster through philanthropy.


Attend or host alumni-student networking events.

Assist with venue selection, provide welcome remarks, and serve as an inspiration and guide for new generations of Scots. Networking makes a difference, as 91% of seniors who had networked with people in their field or with alumni using APEX resources were employed in their chosen field after graduation.

Become an online ambassador.

Add your important perspective to our digital story. Follow, like, post, or re-tweet Wooster content. Provide strategic insight for social media campaigns. Give feedback on the content and design of the Wooster website. Provide strategic insight and feedback for social media campaigns and the content and design of our website.

Be an alumni admissions advocate.

Identify, recruit and help select the next class of Scots by attending college fairs, interviewing prospective students, and congratulating admitted students.

Host an I.S. Monday celebration.

Host and attend an I.S. Monday Celebration in your region. Celebrate the most intense, revelatory and rewarding experience of your academic life. And come prepared to enjoy lots of Tootsie Rolls.


Judge a student competition.

Serve as a competition judge for various on-campus student competitions. Share your career expertise and guidance with students.

Mentor APEX Fellows.

Become a professional APEX mentor to a Summer Fellow or a current intern. Thanks to APEX and our world-wide alumni network, our students are participating in experiential education all over the globe. Meet them in your city, share a meal or a cup of tea, and help them make the most of their opportunity by sharing all that you have to offer.

Host a Black & Gold Dinner.

Share your career path, advice, and insights over a meal with a small group of students at a Black & Gold Dinner. Hosts are often supported by a member of the APEX administration to facilitate meaningful dialogue and enriching connections.

Be featured in an Alumni Insight Conversation.

Offer your professional/personal expertise as part of our Alumni Insight Series – thought provoking conversations around interesting topics.

Become a Mentor for our Students.

Fighting Scots Career Connections: As a College of Wooster Advisor, your insights could make a big difference to our students. You decide what to advise on (within areas like careers, academics, admissions, or business and startups) and how many hours a month to commit. You can also make yourself available for opportunities like job shadowing, joining a board, and volunteering.

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