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For questions related to volunteering with The College of Wooster, please contact Kailey Schwallie ’13 (kschwallie@wooster.edu), Senior Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement.


Online Ambassador

Follow, like, share, post, and re-tweet Wooster content. Add your important perspective to the College’s digital story! Online Ambassadors are also asked to provide feedback on the content and design of Wooster’s website and social media accounts, and to provide strategic insight for social media campaigns.

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Affinity Groups

Join or lead an official Wooster affinity group related to a shared identity, interest, or career focus with other alumni participants (and maybe even some current students!). Bring your voice to groups such as LGTBQ+ Alumni of Wooster, Black Alumni of Wooster, Legal Alumni of Wooster, International Alumni of Wooster, and more! The Office of Alumni & Family Engagement is proud to support affinity group events whenever possible.

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Admissions Advocate

Admissions Advocates help to identify, recruit, and select the next class of Scots! Among other things, Admissions Advocates are asked to write notecards to prospective students and welcome notes to admitted students, represent Wooster at college fairs in your area, and help with our virtual Global Interview Day.

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Class Officer

Represent your classmates and act as a liaison between your class and The College of Wooster. Help your classmates stay connected to the College by reminding them to submit class notes and life updates to the Wooster magazine, encourage classmates to keep their contact information up to date with the College (which they can do quickly and easily online), and promote upcoming regional and on-campus events such as I.S. Monday celebrations, Black & Gold Weekend, and Alumni Weekend to increase engagement with the College.

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Fighting Scots Career Connections Mentor

Mentor current Wooster students through the Fighting Scots Career Connections (FSCC) platform. This online platform enables alumni to connect with current students as well as other alumni to both mentor others and get mentoring themselves. FSCC also offers career resources such as guides and templates, which can be useful to anyone making a career transition, entering a new field, deciding on a career path, or entering the workforce for the first time.

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APEX Mentor

Mentor current students through APEX, our career planning and experiential learning office. There are many unique mentoring experiences available through APEX, some field or industry-specific and some internship-based. APEX Mentors assist current students with mock interviews, resume and cover letter reviews, and/or serve as a Wooster connection within their field or industry. Networking truly makes a difference – over 90 percent of seniors who networked with people in their field or with alumni through APEX were employed in their chosen field after graduation.

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Alumni Speaker

Speak to current students on a topic in your area of expertise. We hold various events throughout the year which we invite alumni to speak at on different topics. If you are interested in speaking to current students about a specific topic – graduate school, student loans, managing money after college, retirement planning, diversity and equity in the workplace, or any other topic – please sign up for this volunteer opportunity so we can follow up with you individually.

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Student Competition Judge

Throughout the year, Wooster students participate in various competitions which require judges or moderators. We often need volunteers to fill these roles. If you are interested in volunteering for this, please know that some opportunities may be on-campus only, but we will be specific in our requests on such occasions. Experience is generally not required, or training will be provided beforehand.

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Regional Event Host

If you are interested in hosting regional Wooster events, please sign up for this volunteer role. Regional Events include (but are not limited to) I.S. Monday celebrations, Scots in Service events, Summer Send Off events, Black & Gold dinners, and affinity group events. The Office of Alumni & Family Engagement works closely with our Regional Event Hosts and often supports regional events.

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Regional Ambassador

Enhance the overall power of Wooster’s global alumni network in your area by serving as a Regional Ambassador. You know your area best – help with event planning, marketing, outreach efforts, and hosting regional Wooster events. Please note: If you sign up as a Regional Ambassador, you do not need to sign up as a Regional Event Host.

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Reunion Ambassador

Reunion Ambassadors represent each reunion class and collaborate with the Office of Alumni & Family Engagement and Advancement staff in three main areas related to Alumni Weekend: connecting, contributing, and celebrating. The primary role of a Reunion Ambassador involves outreach to classmates to encourage participation in Alumni Weekend.

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Alumni Board Member

The Alumni Board is an elected advisory group of The Alumni Association of The College of Wooster. Members of the Alumni Board represent all alumni of The College of Wooster and serve as a voice for the alumni at the College. Alumni Board members are asked to come to campus twice per year (once per semester) for board meetings and various activities. The Alumni Board helps select our recipients of the Outstanding Young Alumni Award and Distinguished Alumni Award. Members of the Alumni Board help make a difference in improving the student and alumni experience at The College of Wooster. Selecting this role indicates your interest in serving on the Alumni Board, it does not guarantee you a seat on the Alumni Board.

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Volunteer Benefits

Volunteer Benefits

Insider’s Summit

By invitation only, volunteers who are invited to attend our bi-annual Insiders Summit will join us virtually or on campus for events and updates from the College.

Regional Events

Volunteers are eligible to receive early notice of and invitation to on-campus events and regional events in your area, which can often enable you to get into events with limited attendance. Additionally, active volunteers will have registration costs waived for ticketed, off-campus College events (up to $20 per event).

Additional stewarding based on engagement level with the College

Based on volunteer engagement with The College of Wooster, additional stewarding may take place on an individual basis.

Volunteer Interest Form

Volunteer Interest Form

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Other Ways to Get Involved

Black & Gold Dinners

Black & Gold Dinners are small gatherings of Wooster alumni, current students and prospective students that help connect our global family of Scots when they are not on-campus. These alumni-hosted dinners offer a unique opportunity for networking between students and alumni in an intimate setting.

Alumni Weekend

All alumni are invited to join us back on-campus for Alumni Weekend, held annually. Classes are celebrated every five years, with special events for our 50th class reunions and our Scots Forever classes. While Alumni Weekend is held in June, many current students are still on-campus completing summer research, working in on-campus jobs, or assisting with Alumni Weekend – this weekend is a great opportunity for these students to interact with alumni from across Wooster generations and provide our alumni with updates on the Wooster of today!

Networking Events

The College of Wooster often supports or hosts regional and on-campus networking events for alumni and/or current students. These events can be for general networking or industry-specific networking. Occasionally such events will include professional or alumni speakers or panels. Networking events may be offered virtually as well.

CityTrek Experiences (Current Students Only)

APEX and the Office of Alumni & Family Engagement work with alumni to offer CityTrek experiences for current students. CityTrek excursions often include visits or tours of the workplace(s) of alumni, and hearing from alumni about their career path, experience in their field/industry, and any internship or job openings at their current employer, if applicable.