The Same and Other Race Effects: The Minority Classroom Experience

Student: Micaela Watson
Major: Psychology
Minor: Education
Advisors: Ashley Abraham, Grit Herzmann
Good quality lessons help students learn the material and succeed. Specifically, for students the same race as their teacher, the same-race effect is said to be beneficial in helping these students increase their academic performance. On the opposite ends bad quality lessons and the other-race effect would not increase academic performance and could potentially lower it. The same-race effect is said to benefit students in minority groups the most because of increased representation. This study looks at whether minority participants learn better from teachers of their same race. This study also looks at how effective lesson quality is when it is combined with the same and other race effects.

Micaela will be online to field comments on May 8:
4-6pm EDT (PST 1pm-3pm, Africa/Europe: late evening)

Posted in I.S. Symposium, Independent Study on May 1, 2020.