Backlog Burner: An Adventure Into Automated Scheduling

Anjolaoluwa Olubusi

Name: Anjolaoluwa Olubusi
Majors: Computer Science, Mathematics
Advisors: Dr. Thomas Montelione, Dr. Colby Long

The focus of this independent study is to explain the nurse scheduling problem (NSP) and use it as a basis to create an automated scheduling program. The nurse scheduling problem is an operational research problem that sets to find an optimal hospital schedule that fulfills the needs of the hospital and the personal requests of the nurses. The majority of solutions for the nurse scheduling problem are often designed within a hospital setting. The objective of this independent study is to use the solutions of the nurse scheduling problem to develop an automated scheduling program for the College of Wooster student population. The web application is a combination of a VueJS frontend and a Rust web API. This project uses the Genetic Ant Colony Optimization (GACO) algorithm. The GACO algorithm combines the genetic algorithm and the ant colony optimization algorithm. The software of this project, named Backlog Burner, was tested with 21 College of Wooster students. From 1-10, with 10 being good and 1 being bad, participants rated 7.05 on average on how they liked the schedule given by Backlog Burner. A majority of the students had a favourable experience with Backlog Burner. Despite this, there were areas Backlog Burner could be improved. One area is the algorithm used in Backlog Burner. Another avenue of improvement is the visual interface of Backlog Burner and how options are communicated to the user.

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2 responses to “Backlog Burner: An Adventure Into Automated Scheduling”

  1. Dante King says:

    Hi Anjola! Excellent job! Congratulations, and thank you for sharing your work! All the best for what’s to come! 😀

  2. Jillian Morrison says:

    Anjola – Awesome job! I have been telling people about your project since you told me about it a few months ago! I am glad that you got positive ratings from the 21 students who tested it. Any idea if or when this scheduling app will be available for students to use? It sounds like a very useful app for students!