Head shot of Natalie Bean

Sioux Resistance: How the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota People Maintain Their Fight Against the United States for Sovereignty and Land

Name: Natalie Bean Major: History Minor: French and Francophone Studies Advisor: Dr. Jordan Biro Walters This independent study seeks to determine how members of the Sioux Nation resisted […]

A Knock-out Experiment on a Neuronal Boolean Model

Name: Aelon Ketema Samuel Advisor: Dr. Erzsébet Ravasz Regan, Dr. Rebecca Williams (second reader) Major: Neurobiology Minor: Studio Art Neuronal cell cycle is a […]


The Infection Frequency and Severity of Batrachochytrium Dendrobatidis in Northern Two-Lined Salamanders in Wooster Ohio

Name: Vince Gilleylen Major: Biology Advisors: Dr. Rick Lehtinen, Dr, Stephanie Strand The study of invasive species and their effects is often vital in the process of […]

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Positive, Negative, and Apocalyptic Climate Messages: The Effect on Attitudes and Possible Future Behaviors Toward Sharks

Name: Truong Nguyen Majors: Communication Studies and Environmental Studies Advisors: Denise Bostdorff and Matt Mariola The purpose of this study is to find out the best […]

Head shot of Emma Saxton

Are You Sure You Don’t Know Me? A Facial Recognition Study and Examination of the Other-Race Effect with External Feature Alterations

Name: Emma Saxton Major: Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Advisor: Dr. Grit Herzmann The Other-Race Effect is the phenomena wherein people recognize individuals of their own- race, or […]

Head shot of Pragya Mittal

Cheer Me Up: A Game Theoretic Optimisation Analysis of the Relationships Between Morale, Corruption and Individual Tax Evasion Decisions

Name: Pragya Mittal Majors: Mathematics and Economics Advisor: Dr. Moses Luri This paper asks the question, “what is the impact of morale on evasion, when corruption and […]

head shot of Brian Luck

For Every Adaptation Belonging to Me as Good Belongs to You: Analyzing Intertextuality in Lauren Gunderson’s Literature-Based Plays

Name: Brian Luck Majors: English and Theatre & Dance Minor: Education Advisors: Dr. Shirley Huston-Findley and Dr. Susanna Sacks This Independent Study explores the ways in which playwright […]

Melita Wiles head shot

Using Machine Learning and Regression Techniques to Rank Liberal Arts Colleges on Social Mobility and the Advancement of Underrepresented Groups

Name: Melita Wiles Majors: Physics and Mathematics Advisors: Dr. Christina Horr, Dr. Drew Pasteur (second reader) The purpose of higher education is to contribute to the […]

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Together Everyone Achieves More (T.E.A.M.): An Investigation of Recreational Sports Teams’ Coaches’ Knowledge of Best Practices for Working with Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Name: Abigail Johnson Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders and Education Advisor: Donald M. Goldberg, Ph.D. This study investigated community recreation sports teams’ coaches’ knowledge regarding working with […]

Head shot of Kayla Bertholf

To Clean or Not to Clean: Exploring the Ability of Biocidal Compounds to Induce Physiological Changes in Bacteria that may Increase the Spread of Antibiotic Resistance Genes

Name: Kayla R. Bertholf Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Minor: Religious Studies Advisor: Dr. Stephanie Strand The prevalence of antibiotic resistance genes in non-clinical settings is increasing, and […]

Gunjan Joshi

Exploring Augmented Reality Using Snapchat’s Lens Studio

Name: Gunjan Joshi Major: Computer Science Minor: Economics Advisors: Dr. Drew Guarnera and Dr. Thomas Montelione Augmented reality is a technology that uses visual elements, sounds, hardware like […]

Hannah Nguyen

“Not Liberating Women Means the Building of a Socialist Society is Only Half-Way Done:” A Feminist Analysis of Ho Chi Minh’s Advocacy for the First Law on Marriage and Family in 1959 Vietnam

Name: Hannah Nguyen Majors: Communication Studies Advisor: Dr. Denise Bostdorff Second Reader: Dr. Oscar Mejia To view Hannah’s Independent Study, please click the button […]

head shot of Hitomi Okamura

Examining the Relationship Between Phonological Processing and Second Language Acquisition for Spanish-English Bilinguals

Name: Hitomi Okamura Major: Neuroscience – Cognitive Behavior track Advisor: Dr. Grit Herzmann; Dr. John Neuhoff (second reader) Second language acquisition is inevitable in a globalized […]

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Predicting Formula 1 Races using Ordered Logistic Regression and Elo Ratings

Name: Luke Pritchard Major: Statistical & Data Sciences Minor: Global Media and Digital Studies Advisor: Dr. Moses Luri, Dr. Jillian Morrison (second reader) This paper investigates the Formula […]

head shot for Mia Chen

An Investigation of the Clinical Considerations of Speech-Language Pathologists When Working With Spanish-English Bilingual Adults With Aphasia

Name: Mia Chen Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders Minors: Psychology and Spanish Advisors: Dr. Joan E. Furey; Dr. Grit Herzmann (second reader) The broad purpose of this […]

head shot of Shelby Jones

PaleoliTHICC: Understanding the Woman of Willendorf using contemporary fat studies

Name: Shelby Jones Major: Anthropology Minor: History Advisor: Dr. Siavash Samei; Dr. Beth Derderian (second reader) My research focused on the Woman (“Venus”) of Willendorf figurine, one of […]

Photo of Lily Barnett

If There is a God, He’s Probably on Wall Street: A Genre Analysis of Social Criticism in Horror and Melodrama Films

Name: Lily Barnett Major: Communication Studies Minor: Global Media and Digital Studies Advisors: Dr. Ahmet Atay and Dr. Nii Nikoi The purpose of this project is to conduct […]

Head shot of Joseph Henry

Hunger Hacker: An Exploration of Neural Networks for Food Preference Prediction

Name: Joseph Henry Major: Computer Science Minor: Communication Studies Advisor: Drew Guarnera; Thomas Montelione (second reader) This study explores what makes up neural networks and the subsequent […]

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How to Build up the Most Effective Soccer Team

Name: Yuntao Zhang Major: Mathematics Advisor: Dr. Drew Pasteur Second Reader: Dr. Christina Horr Soccer is the most influential sport in the world. Professional […]

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Highlights Generation for Tennis Matches using Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Audio Analysis

Name: Alon Liberman Major: Computer Science and Mathematics Advisors: Heather Guarnera and Subhadip Chowdhury This project uses computer vision, natural language processing and audio analysis to automatize […]