AMRE Team | Main Street Wooster and Wayne Economic Development Council

Rehann Silvanus ’24, Economics
Ishika Gupta ’23, Business Economics and Statistical & Data Sciences
Eric Kwabena Tetteh (Ashesi University)

Advisors: Jim Burnell, Huiting Tian

The clients, Main Street Wooster and the Wayne Economic Development Council, sought to better understand the retail market in Downtown Wooster and Downtown Orrville by assessing the retail leakage. The team, therefore, conducted a retail gap analysis to determine which major business groups and subsectors registered leakage using data provided by the Buxton Company. An inventory of commercial building spaces in Downtown Wooster was also created by sourcing data from real estate websites, Wayne County auditor’s website, and the City of Wooster’s data files. The team also reached out to downtown building owners to obtain information about vacancies and potential uses.

Posted in Comments Enabled, Experiential Learning Showcase 2022 on November 16, 2022.

One response to “AMRE Team | Main Street Wooster and Wayne Economic Development Council”

  1. Brooke Krause says:

    Great job this summer!

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