The Distinguished Alumni Award (DAA) is presented annually at Alumni Weekend in June to two or three alumni who have distinguished themselves in the following areas:

  • Professional Career
  • Service to Humanity
  • Service to Wooster

DAA honorees must exemplify Wooster’s dedication to excellence and commitment to service. Any Wooster staff, faculty member, or alumnus/a can submit nominations for the DAA, and each year’s honorees are selected by a subcommittee of The Alumni Board.

Questions should be directed to the Office of Alumni & Family Engagement at alumni@wooster.edu or 330-263-2533.

The Nomination Process

To nominate an alumnus/a to be considered for the Distinguished Alumni Award, please complete the form linked below. In addition, please provide:

  • A personal letter of recommendation, and
  • Supporting materials, such as links to online articles or websites about the nominee.

All nominees will stay in the pool for five years and are selected approximately one year before they will be recognized.

Nominations and supporting materials can be sent via email to alumni@wooster.edu or mailed to the Gault Alumni Center, 1012 Beall Avenue, Wooster, OH 44691.

Download Form (.doc)

Previous Distinguished Alumni Award Winners

NameClass YearDate Awarded
Warren P. Spencer+19191962
Anne A. Davis+19151963
John McSweeney+19121965
George A. Mosel+19161966
Wilson M. Compton+19401967
Waldo H. Dunn+19061967
Albert I. Good+19061968
Gideon D. Hatfield+19091970
Donald A. Lowrie+19401971
Charles E. Mc Dermott+19241961
Lewis F. Mayer+19201961
Charles A. Dilley+19301961
Paul C. Hawk+19251962
William M. Alrich+19391962
Francis P. Twinem+19171963
John C. Johnston+19381963
Ruth (Wylie) Eschbach+19391964
George L. Dixon+19221964
Lister O. Weiss+19201964
Edna (Fetzer) Weiss+19271964
Robert L. Myers+19391965
William M. McCulloch+19231965
Robert G. Bone+19281966
Alma E. Gault+19161966
Edwin M. Wright+19181967
Helen (Harrington) Compton+19121967
John R. Milligan19491968
John D. McKee+19171968
Eva (Castner) Swan+19181969
Howard F. Lowry+19231969
David A. Redding+19461969
Alfred W. Swan+19171969
Carl M. Toensmeier+19311969
Esther (Lane) Toensmeier+19301969
David A. Cort+19321970
J. C. Wynn+19411970
Robert G. Wilder+19421971
Clara (Gharber) Lewis+19331971
G. Ernest Wright+19311972
William H. Havener+19441972
Jeanne Christy+19261972
John F. Boyd+19421973
William R. Schultz+19331973
Jane (Cotton) Boyd+19421973
James M. Dawson+19391973
Charles B. Moke+19311974
Dwight C. Hanna+19441974
Alfreda (Gabriel) Campbell+19411974
Ernest Y. Campbell+19401974
Sanford P. Lehman+19281975
Juliet (Stroh) Blanchard+19241975
Lucy L. Notestein+19111976
Shannon McCune+19351976
Scott Craig19561976
James V. Neel+19351977
Donald W. Raley+19271977
James A. Miller+19281977
Carolyn (Gustafson) Dix+19321977
Jerrold K. Footlick19561978
Harriet (Painter) Hopkins+19321978
Viola (Startzman) Robertson+19351978
W. Dean Hopkins+19301978
Sherman A. Wengerd+19361979
John J. Compton+19491979
John Exter+19321979
Marion (Fitch) Exter+19331979
Donald B. Register19591980
Helen (Murray) Free+19451980
John E. Wallace+19121980
William F. Kieffer+19361981
Erma (Wooding) Foley+19381981
Frank W. Notestein+19231981
Lowell B. Bourns+19271982
William McAfee+19321982
Mary (Courtney) Bourns+19271982
James C. Mikkelsen+19421982
Stanley C. Gault+19481983
H. Alberta Colclaser+19331983
Robert R. Cadmus+19361983
Ernest M. Hole+19181984
Russell H. Seibert+19301984
Catherine (Compton) Chase+19441984
Edward B. Westlake+19251985
John W. Pocock+19381985
Catherine B. Hess+19371985
James R. Baroffio19541986
Betty (Dickens) Neuhart+19451986
Stanley R. Welty+19241987
Jon R. Waltz+19511987
Ralph A. Young+19291987
Dorothy McCuskey+19291987
George W. Thorn+19271988
Henry C. Miller+19441988
Stephen R. Donaldson19681989
Lois (Barr) Cook+19451989
Erie Mills19751989
Robert S. Laubach+19411989
Eric H. Boehm+19401990
Marguerite (Lane) Bowden+19401990
Christine Camp+19511990
Catherine A. Tisinger19581991
James N. Wise+19411991
G. T. Smith19561991
James R. Blackwood+19411992
Robert H. Atwell19531992
Ralph W. Schreiber+19641992
Alice (McGrew) Hawk+19261992
David D. Dowd+19511993
John P. Papp+19601993
William R. McGraw+19521993
Priscilla (Miller) Hart19511994
Merton M. Sealts+19371994
Timothy P. Smucker19671995
Ruth (Frost) Parker+19451995
Susan Q. Stranahan19681996
Earl W. Wendell19501996
Lois (Lyon) Neumann19491996
Charles E. Rath19401997
Norvin J. Hein+19371997
Dorothy (Robins) Mowry19421997
William J. Yoder19631998
Donald L. Kohn19641998
Lee (Eberhardt) Limbird19701998
John C. Buechner+19561999
Paul L. Kendall19641999
Solomon Oliver19692000
Molly (Fritz) Miller19692000
David L. Beveridge19592001
Edith (Bender) Seaton+19472001
Ronald S. Seaton+19472001
James F. Leckman19692001
Edward McCreight19662002
Maurice E. Hole19562002
Lois (Black) Bing+19312002
Lynne (Cherry) McCreight19662002
Tom M. Johnson19562003
Lawson W. Stoneburner+19372003
Eugene C. Bay19592003
W. Lee Culp+19412004
John E. Smeltz+19442004
Scott L. Behoteguy+19392004
Edward C. Arn+19312005
Miriam R. Pride19702005
Joan P. Carter19652005
Richard S. Foster19712006
Denise (Ducharme) Reilly19752006
Niall W. Slater19762006
James A. Fletcher19672007
Joseph J. Catino19742007
Linda (Marsch) Saif19692007
Alpha V. Alexander19762008
Katharine (Doob) Sakenfeld19612008
Gary W. Reichard19652008
Cynthia S. Tice+19582009
Wayne A. Cornelius19672009
Jay R. Gates19682009
Alvin J. Van Wie+19522010
Jane (Morley) Kotchen19602010
Dale M. Swift19802010
Angene (Hopkins) Wilson19612011
Clarence R. Williams19632011
David A. Dunlop19732011
Jack A. Wilson19612011
Irwin L. Reese19752012
Thomas K. Welty19652012
Ronald C. Hughes19702012
James T. Clarke19592013
Diane K. Jorkasky19732013
Kenneth C. Fischer19662013
Carl W. Cotman19622014
Z. Mike Chirenje19772014
James A. McClung19592014
David R. Hopkins19702015
Barbara (Frajola) Atkinson19642015
Elizabeth A. Eaton19772016
Lucius F. Ellsworth19632016
George H. Davis19642016
T. William Evans19602017
Judith (Mack) Patterson19632017
Laurie S. Priest19772017
David W. Douglas19712018
Richard A. Kerr19682018
Macharia Kamau19822019
Patricia J. Vittum19742019
Brenda N. Major19722020
Larry A. Jones19752020
Walt P. Hopkins19662021
Katharine (Rhodes) Henderson19782021
Sara L. Patton1967 2022
Jim DeRose19722022
Ed Gilbert19732023
Jennifer Haverkamp19792023