The Office of Alumni & Family Engagement collaborates with faculty, staff, and academic departments to maximize resources and increase the number of alumni who are meaningfully engaged with the College. Below is a set of resources to assist you with your engagement of alumni.

Alumni Information and Updates

The Office of Alumni & Family Engagement and the Office of Advancement Services manages the database of alumni and family records. This includes names, contact information, graduation years, interests (including #Affinity Group participation), and giving history.

Faculty and Staff can request a list of alumni from their department/athletic team or student group. To request data, please fill out the top portion of the #Alumni Information Data Request Form. If you would like to communicate, en masse, with alumni, please fill out the bottom portion of the Data Request Form.

All alumni contact information updates, accomplishments and milestones, or campus participation (e.g. speaking to a class) should be emailed to the Office of Alumni Engagement at alumni@wooster.edu. Recently we have begun tracking engagement to better thank our volunteers. By letting us know this information, you will help us better thank our alumni.

Outreach & Communication to Alumni

The Office of Alumni & Family Engagement regularly communicates with alumni through email, social media, and other channels. We are happy to partner with you to develop a communication strategy for specific event, program, or newsletter.

When a department collaborates with the Office of Alumni & Family Engagement on an event/program, we will help promote your event through email communication, social media, and our website.

If you post alumni highlights on social media, please be sure to tag our alumni social media handles so we can share.

Facebook:  The College of Wooster Alumni Association

Twitter:  @WoosterAlumni

Instagram:  @Woosteralumni

Request Alumni as Speakers

The Office of Alumni & Family Engagement keeps in regular tough with many alumni and is ready to help identify potential speakers for your events, classes, and programs. Departments and student clubs can request assistance with planning a class or event involving an alumni speaker. Please email alumni@wooster.edu to begin conversations about your needs for speakers.

Thank You Gifts: 

The Office of Alumni & Family Engagement will provide thank you gifts to alumni who speak to groups of students, or in-classes. To request a gift, please email alumni@wooster.edu at least 24 hours in advance of the speaker being on campus. All we request is the name of the speaker.

Pathways & Experiential Learning Opportunities

The Connect, Create, and Discover Strategic Plan has created many opportunities for alumni to be engaged in meaningful ways with many aspects of the campus.

We have created several virtual spaces, as part of our Fighting Scots Career Connections platform, for alumni to share their expertise with students. If you would like to connect a student with alumni for mentoring experiences, please visit our new student-alumni mentoring platform: Fighting Scots Career Connections. All faculty, staff, students, and alumni can join the platform and use this to make connections with alumni.

To join these groups, please click on the links below:

Pathway: Activism & Social Change

Pathway: Data Exploration & Design

Pathway: Entrepreneurship

Pathway: Food Studies

Pathway: Global Impacts – Intl Service & Development

Pathway: Museums & Archive Studies

Pathway: Public Health

Pathway: Digital Storytelling & Technologies

Pathway: Geospatial Visualization and Design

Events, Reunions, Department Anniversaries, Scholars on the Road

The Office of Alumni & Family Engagement is a great partner and resource in planning your alumni events. Alumni Weekend is held every June and attracts more than 1,000 alumni back to campus. In addition, Black & Gold Weekend brings more than 1,200 alumni and families to campus in the fall.  To maximize attendance, we encourage departments to consider hosting events on these weekends.

If you are interested in hosting an event during Alumni Weekend or Black & Gold Weekend please email alumni@wooster.edu and a member of our team will be in touch.


If your department or athletic team is celebrating an anniversary, please let us know at least one-year in advance. This allows us to think creatively about a marketing plan, engage key volunteers in the promotion of the anniversary, and carve out budget dollars to support the event/program.

Scholars on the Road: 

In 2017, The Office of Alumni & Family Engagement launched the Scholars on the Road lecture series: a thought-provoking discussion with faculty about their research, area of expertise, and current events. Should you have a research topic that you would be interested in sharing with alumni, either in-person or virtually, please email Thomas McArthur, AVP for Alumni & Family Engagement, to begin a conversation.

Meet Alumni When You Travel

We invite faculty/staff to connect with alumni and friends during business travel to conferences, presentations, athletic events, etc. The Office of Alumni & Family Engagement will help connect you with alumni for individual or group gatherings. Please email us with your travel plans and dates as soon as you know them.

Scot Spirit Kits:

Are you planning an event with Wooster alumni and friends in your area? Share your event details with us, and we’ll send you a Scot Spirit Kit to help bring the Fighting Scot spirit to your gathering. As a thank-you for showing your pride and taking the time to host an event that brings the Wooster community together, we’ll send a Scot Spirit Kit at no cost to you! Request a kit today!

Alumni Engagement Grants:

The Office of Alumni & Family Engagement has carved out budget dollars to financially support programs and events that engage alumni. If you are planning an event or gathering while you are traveling, please email Thomas McArthur, AVP for Alumni & Family Engagement to discuss your plans and the potential for financial assistance.