K PIke

What’s in the Water?: Examining Contamination by Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl Substances in Rainwater

Student: Kyndalanne Pike Majors: Chemistry, Mathematics Advisors: Dr. Faust, Dr. Morrison Poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are emerging environmental contaminants of concern detected in […]

The effects of melatonin in the glymphatic system in an Alzheimer’s disease mouse model

Student: Eleni Miliotou Major: Neuroscience Advisors: Dr. Amy Jo Stavnezer, Dr. Ashley Abraham Melatonin is an endogenous antioxidant and free radical scavenger that regulates […]

Kathleen Loftus

How do mothers influence the gut microbiomes of their infants

Student: Kathleen Loftus Major: Biology Advisors: Dr. Sharon Lynn, Dr. Rick Lehtinen The purpose of this literature review was to investigate how mothers influence […]

Bao Chau Nguyen

A Boolean Model of Microglial Phenotype Transitions Under Acute and Chronic Inflammation

Student: Bao Chau Nguyen Major: Neuroscience Minor: Environmental Studies Advisor: Dr. Erzsébet Ravasz Regan Infection or damage to neurons can trigger the activation of […]

Alexis Lanier

Sourcing groundwater contamination from possible mine drainage in Navarre, Ohio using MODFLOW

Student: Alexis Lanier Major: Geology Minor: Ancient Mediterranean Studies Advisor: Dr. Karen Alley This study examines an abandoned underground coal mine in Navarre, Ohio […]

The Same and Other Race Effects: The Minority Classroom Experience

Student: Micaela Watson Major: Psychology Minor: Education Advisors: Ashley Abraham, Grit Herzmann Good quality lessons help students learn the material and succeed. Specifically, for […]

Casey Lohman

The Scars and the Moon: Theatrical Monologues Telling LGBTQIA+ Stories

Student: Casey Lohman Major: Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Minors: English, Theater, Communication Studies Advisors: Dr. Natasha Bissonauth, Dr. Ahmet Atay For my IS […]

Samantha Tromba

The Surge of Religious Polychrome Sculptures in the Golden Age of Spain as Vivid Artistic Reponses to the Call of the Counter Reformation

Student: Samantha Tromba Major: Art History Minor: Education Advisors: Dr. Tracy Cosgriff, John Siewert This research investigates the emergence of Spanish polychrome sculptures following […]

Koral Kasnyik

Investigating Changes in Protein Ubiquitylation Following Sleep Deprivation in Drosophila melanogaster

Student: Koral Kasnyik Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Advisors: Dr. Seth Kelly, Dr. William Morgan Chronic sleep loss is a public health epidemic and […]

Samantha Green

Greenbean Comics: An Independent Study!!!

Student: Samantha Green Major: English Advisors: Christopher Kang This collection of comics explores my relationship with depression and anxiety, taking on the faces of […]

East vs. West: A Study of Orientalist Tropes in Sports Journalism

Student: Ben Blotner Major: English Minor: Communication Studies Advisor: Zoe Gibbons My Independent Study breaks down various works of sports journalism from the early […]

A History of Groundwater Contamination and Treatment in Wooster, Ohio

Student: Mason Minerva Major: Geology Advisors: Dr. Alex Crawford, Dr. Greg Wiles Contamination of drinking water can be incredibly problematic for the associated community, […]

Kendall Lloyd

Calculators in the High School Classroom: Anxiety Levels and Attitude Towards Mathematics

Student: Kendall Lloyd Majors: Mathematics, Education Advisors: Dr. Jillian Morrison, Dr. Marian Frazier Students often fear failure in the math classroom, especially when performing […]

Ecologically relevant cooling early in life does not affect expression of neophobia in zebra finch chicks (Taeniopygia guttatta)

Student: Anna James Major: Biology Minor: Spanish Advisor: Dr. Sharon Lynn Altricial chicks depend on their parents for warmth during early development. When parents […]

Being Moved by the Wild: A Study of Wilderness Spirituality and the Outdoors as a Tool for Retention and Recruitment in Quaker Communities

Student: Elise M. Nikolich Major: Religious Studies Minors: Chemistry, Environmental Studies Advisors: Jeremy Rapport, Mark Graham In order to investigate how Quakers employ the […]

Rebecca Warren

Spacing in the 5CSRTT Proves Beneficial in Early Levels

Student: Rebecca Warren Major: Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience Advisors: Amy Jo Stavnezer, John Neuhoff ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by inattentiveness, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. […]

Robin Perry

"Let It Be" An Examination of the Supreme Court’s Impact on Liberal Abortion Discourse in Ohio and Kentucky Newspapers

Student: Robin Perry Major: Political Science Minor: History Advisors: Angie Bos, Bas van Doorn This I.S. explores the impact of the Supreme Court decisions […]

Henry Potts-Rubin

The Planar Rook Algebra

Student: Henry Potts-Rubin Major: Mathematics Advisor: Robert Kelvey   Description Henry will be online to field comments on May 8: 10am-noon EDT (Asia: late […]

Maya M. Lapp

SimCity meets The Lorax: Simulating Community Forest Management

Student: Maya M. Lapp Major: Mathematics Advisor: Dr. Colby Long Melissa Schultz I.S. Research Prize in Sustainability and the Environment 1st Place As the human population […]

Anna Medema

Arguing Over America’s Best Idea: Examining the Congressional Partisan Divide with Regard to Public Lands Policy

Students: Anna Medema Major: Political Science Minor: Environmental Studies Advisors: Dr. Bas van Doorn, Dr. Angela Bos This Independent Study investigates the effect of […]