Internships are formal work arrangements with clearly defined, project-based learning objectives that align with the academic pursuits of Wooster students

Wooster students may work full or part-time, usually during a semester or over a summer, with a partner organization to earn valuable experience in a “real world” work setting. The student is usually paid by the partner organization, though some internships are unpaid if qualified under the U.S. Department of Labor. Partner organizations and students work together to lay out a plan for the internship with each providing feedback about the internship opportunity while setting clear goals and expectations.

Benefits to Partner Organizations:

  • Intern may bring new aptitudes, different perspectives, expertise, comfort with technology and social media, etc.
  • Receive quality work from Wooster students who are applying their classroom knowledge in a work setting
  • Introduction to Wooster students which could lead to full-time employment

Benefits to Students:

  • Opportunity to apply classroom knowledge and skills to a real-world work experience
  • Gain relevant experience and develop new skills
  • Compensation, and occasionally course credit or to satisfy a program requirement
  • Strengthen ties to the community
  • Meet new people and broaden professional and personal networks
Partner With Wooster Students

Great, I’m in! How do I start?

To explore ways to connect, organizations wishing to work with College of Wooster students should contact:

Cathy McConnell
Director, Experiential Learning and Community Engagement