Wooster students partner with nonprofit organizations for civic, charitable, or humanitarian reasons

Flexible in location (onsite or remote) and time commitment (one-time, weekly, annual), volunteerism at Wooster allows students to build lasting relationships with the community through meaningful actions.

Partner Organizations will:

  • Receive services with no financial commitment
  • Act as a co-educator by enriching the student’s Wooster experience
  • Build a lasting, meaningful partnership that provides significant value to your organization and the community

Students engaging in volunteer services will:

  • Gain personal satisfaction and fulfillment
  • Strengthen ties and make a direct impact on the community
  • Meet new people and broaden their networks
  • Gain experience and develop new skills
  • Satisfy any curricular or co-curricular volunteer requirements

There are two types of volunteer opportunities

  • Individual: Student identifies and arranges the opportunity
  • Group-based: Student organizations often partner with one local nonprofit to build a close partnership that allows members of the organizations to meet their monthly service requirement. The student organization usually initiates the partnership. Campus organizations include:
    • Program and service houses
    • Greek Life
    • Athletic teams
    • Wooster Volunteer Network
Partner With Us

Great, I’m in! How do I start?

To explore ways to connect, organizations wishing to work with students from The College of Wooster should contact:

Cathy McConnell
Director, Experiential Learning and Community Engagement